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Viral deepfake app ZAO adds your face to famous movie scenes – if you're not concerned with privacy

Deepfakes – algorithmically synthesized face-swapping or mimicking videos – are frequently discussed as a dystopian tool that allows almost anyone on the internet to lay words into someone's mouth or put anyone's face into rather objectionable circumstances. Fortunately, deepfakes are rather easily detected at the moment, and thus not too dangerous in the grand scheme of things. Instead, if used correctly, deepfakes can apparently be rather fun. The recently released Chinese Android and iOS app ZAO allows almost anyone to insert themselves into famous movie scenes, requiring nothing more than at least one picture. As with FaceApp before it, privacy concerns quickly arose.

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Google extends revenge porn delisting policy to address fake content

Google has always allowed people to request certain content, like a malicious website or copies of your contact information, to be removed from search results. The company already had a policy for removing private images or videos, but now it's taking fake pornographic content more seriously.

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