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Google app v6.1 Beta allows users to disable local trending searches, includes first tangible elements of Google Assistant, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

A fresh beta update just started rolling out for the Google app, popping the version number up to 6.1. There aren't many immediately obvious changes with this release, but it does contain a switch that will allow users to turn off trending searches in their area. But if you're looking for some potentially exciting new things, a teardown reveals the first physical pieces of the recently announced Google Assistant. There are also a couple bits related to deep search for apps and background retry for failed searches.

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Facebook Will Allow Google To Index, Deep Link Into Facebook's App From Mobile Searches

Google and Facebook are sort of rivals, even if the average Joe may not realize it. They're both heavily invested in the race to know everything about you and to use that knowledge to make lots of money...somehow. And while Google has become a pretty integral part of using the web, on mobile it is important that searches don't just take you to websites, but apps too. That's why today's announcement via an Alphabet spokesperson that Google will show mobile search results that link to the Facebook app is important.

Now, Google has always tried to index Facebook. You have probably seen Facebook profiles and pages in Google search results before.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Deep Linking Without Selector Prompts Can Be Changed Or Removed By Users On A Per-App Basis

We reported yesterday on Google's announcement that Android M would support deep links that skip the sometimes-annoying app selector prompt. Details were scarce at the time and many were worried that this would shut out third party apps or make it hard to view content with a browser when it might be more appropriate.

Screenshot_20150528-145229 Screenshot_20150528-153957

If you go to an app from the list within the "apps" section of the system settings, you will see something like the first picture. You can set defaults and decide whether that app should open its own links without asking. If you go to the advanced area instead of selecting an app, you will see the second screenshot.

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[I/O 2015] Android M Will Support App Deep Linking Without That Annoying Selector Prompt

We've all seen, probably many times, the common situation where you click a link on your Android device and you are then asked with which app you would like to open it. On one hand, this is a great feature; merely guessing could be very annoying and it is a sensible way to allow users to assign default apps. Sometimes, though, certain types of links should always open in a particular app without prompting the user.


A new addition to Android M, as discussed at I/O today, will allow that to happen. Developers can add an "autoVerify" attribute to their app manifest to tell the operating system that there is no need to prompt the user for certain types of links.

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12 URLs Now Support Deep Linking To Apps If They Are Installed, Opening In Browser If Not

If you are sharing a link, you want whoever opens it to access the web service in whichever way makes the most sense on their device. On a desktop, you probably want to see it in a browser. On a mobile device, it often works better to open up that service's app. Google's URL shortening service,, now offers that functionality. The same link will open either app or browser depending on the OS and whether an appropriate app is installed. Deep linking works on both Android and iOS.

This news is maybe most relevant to developers, but it should end up benefiting end users as well since you shouldn't have to deal with the confusion.

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