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[Update: Back to work!] Google Calendar is down, so forget about your next meeting and go to the beach instead

Google Calendar is currently inaccessible for many on the web — navigating to delivers a 404 error. The app is still functional on a local level, but events added aren't syncing across devices. Now would be a good time to shirk your responsibilities and blame technology.

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Allo is shutting down tomorrow, March 12 — here's how to download your chat history

Allo was announced back in 2016. Unlike its popular video counterpart Duo, the app never really took off — so it was no surprise when Google formally announced the app's days were numbered in December. According to a banner on the Allo website, the service's time has come: it's shutting down tomorrow, March 12.

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[Update: Google confirmation] The Hangouts app is no longer available on Wear OS

Hangouts as we know it has been slowly dying for years (sorry if this is how you're finding out). G Suite users are transitioning away from the classic Hangouts service this year, with individual users to follow soon after. Now there's another nail in Hangouts Classic's coffin: the app is no longer available on Wear OS.

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[Update: Back] Allo, Duo, and Messages for web are all broken right now

Hot on the heels of a report that Allo may be shutting down soon, the aforementioned service has stopped working for many. On top of that, Duo and Messages for web are currently non-functional as well, pointing to an outage somewhere upstream.

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Report: Google will kill Allo 'soon,' already off to a good start since it's down right now

According to a report from 9to5Google, Allo's days may be numbered. Details are admittedly sparse, but a source communicating with 9to5Google's Stephen Hall said that Google is (or was) expected to announce a shutdown of the messaging app "soon," though an additional delay could be imposed in the wake of the related news surrounding the expected "Hangouts classic" shutdown/migration.

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[Update: Hangouts product manager responds] Google reportedly killing Hangouts in 2020, probably launching 8 new messaging services in its place

For the last few years (since Google launched and the effectively killed Allo), Hangouts has been slowly dying. Bits of it have been broken off, and others were outright killed. According to a report by 9to5Google's Stephen Hall, its days are very literally numbered. The service is expected to shutter in the not-so-far-off year 2020.

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[Update: Clear skies again] Today's forecast for Google weather includes offline servers with a chance of service interruptions

If you're like me, the majority of your interactions with the Google Assistant are questions about the weather. What's it like now? What'll it be like tomorrow? Is it raining in Seattle? Right now, though, such questions are going unanswered, as Google seems to be having trouble delivering weather information for many.

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Google ends its 'Reply' app experiment which brought smart replies to third-party apps

Earlier this year, Google's Area 120 — a division of the company that works on experimental products — pushed out a testing program for an app called "Reply," which added Allo-style, automatically generated smart replies to other messaging apps. That functionality has made its way into other Google apps, with native support for developer implementation of the feature in Android Pie. Based on that success, it appears Area 120 is sunsetting the old Reply app itself.

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Google's Hangouts Chrome app will stop working 'soon'

Almost precisely four years ago, Google rolled out a new Chrome App for Hangouts. Initially named "Ultra Violet" during testing, the app brought a bubbly and fun transparent UI with Facebook-style Chat Heads to Google's instant messaging platform. We hope that you didn't depend on it too much, though. According to a recent update to a support document, the Hangouts Chrome app will stop working "soon." Those of us still using Hangouts on the desktop are urged to migrate to the Head-less Chrome extension

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Nexus Players are mysteriously dying as loyal owners hunt for solutions

For the last few weeks, a conspicuous amount of Nexus Player owners have been reporting that their streaming boxes have up and stopped working. The devices become unresponsive, either hanging at the Google logo during startup or displaying an error message. Some users have been able to save their devices by flashing a new system image, but others haven't been so fortunate.

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