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Up-close look at Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition 'mainboard' confirms see-through chicanery

A few months back, Xiaomi attracted attention for the transparent Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition. Of course, it wasn't all positive attention. The phone has an improbable window on the back with components neatly arranged in a grid. We were skeptical from the start because that's not how real circuit boards look, and now a picture of the actual component confirms this is just a fake model of a PCB.

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There's something fishy about the transparent Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition [Update]

Xiaomi announced some new phones today, which I'm sure will sell in huge numbers (just not in the US). Among the new devices was the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition. This phone is like the regular M8 except it has a transparent glass back that shows off suspiciously pretty internal components. Really, there's a little Snapdragon logo on what purports to be the SoC. This could all be smoke and mirrors.

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