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Malaysian CEO reportedly killed in his sleep by exploding smartphone

Nazrin Hassan, CEO of Malaysian venture capital firm Cradle Fund, reportedly died of injuries caused when his cell phone exploded as he slept. The cause of death was initially said to be smoke inhalation — but according to a statement released by Cradle, Hassan died of "complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding hand phone." It's not currently clear what type of phone was involved.

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Facebook Will Now Make 'Look Back' Videos For Those Who Have Passed Away If Their Family Requests So

Earlier this month Facebook celebrated its 10-year anniversary by introducing "Look Back" videos, bite sized glimpses at what each of us have shared on the social network over the years. Depending on how active a person you are on the site, these short clips may fill you with overwhelming nostalgia as you look back over time gone by. But Facebook's videos are capable of more than that - they can also serve as brief reminders of who you are and the kind of life you've lived, and they can do this even after you're gone. Today Facebook is introducing the ability for family members to request "Look Back" videos for loved ones who have passed away.

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Google Announces 'Inactive Account Manager' – A Tool That Lets You Manage What Happens To Your Personal Data After Death

Death is a subject that no one likes to discuss – be it that of a family member or our own. Unfortunately, it's a part of life that we'll all have to deal with at one point or another. When it comes to preparing for your own death, however, what's left behind in the digital space is often overlooked. Considering our digital life is becoming such an important part of who we are and the legacy we leave behind, a simple way to manage what should happen to our data in the event our passing is quickly becoming requisite.


Thankfully, Google has unveiled the Inactive Account Manager, a service that looks to provide just that.

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Death Race-Inspired Game 'Carmageddon' Making Its Way To Android

If there are two things that go together like peas and carrots, it's fast cars and killing people. In a virtual world, that is. We don't condone the killing of actual people here at Android Police.

If these are two things that you just can't get enough of, though, then the upcoming remake of the 90's classic Carmageddon is sure to put a smile on your face. It certianly did mine.

Like most games of this type, Carmageddon was quite the controversial title back in the mid 90's, when the world saw the first installment. Past that, there were a couple sequels to the title, namely Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now (1998) and Carmageddon TDR 2000 (2000).

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[New Game] Running Fred Pits You Against A Gauntlet Of Gory Death Traps As You Flee From The Grim Reaper

Begin with a Sonic the Hedgehog base. Add some splatter cinema, mix in a bit of parkour, garnish with an electric guitar and serve free. That's the recipe for Running Fred, a runner game starring a ginger down on his luck named Fred who's being chased by Death. Death's pretty cool about the whole killing Fred thing, though. He provides you a nice tutorial and even gives Fred the chance to escape. If he can survive the gauntlet of brutal traps, that is.

As you run through the various dungeons, you collect coins that allow you to purchase upgrades, abilities, and costumes.

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Steve Jobs, 56, Co-Founder Of Apple Computer, Has Died

Steve Jobs was not Apple. Steve Jobs was an inventor. Steve Jobs was probably the single greatest inventor to grace the world since Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla.

The personal computer and the smartphone were "telegraph" and "light bulb" moments that forever transformed our world and will only continue to do so. While Steve Jobs was not the only (or even first) person to make these inventions a reality, he will rightly be remembered as the man who truly revolutionized and brought them to ordinary people.

When history remembers Steve Jobs, it will be not as part of Apple, but as one of the world's great minds.

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