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Get Jabra's noise-cancelling Elite 85h headphones at an all-time low of $157 on Amazon ($143 off)

Active noise-cancelling headphones used to be prohibitively expensive, but in recent years, they've entered more affordable realms. The Jabra Elite 85h in particular has turned out to be the most economical set of these in the over-the-ear headphones market and has been available for $200 over the last few weeks. If that was still above your budget, you might be more comfortable with the new all-time low of $157 on Amazon, which is $143 off the MSRP.

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The Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds are only $30 ($50 off) with coupon at Amazon (Update: Dead)

The New Year is coming in fast, and along with it will be resolutions to get fit for the next decade. Whether you already lead an active lifestyle or you're just embarking on your exercise journey, having a bit of your favorite music on tap can motivate you to reach your goals. Right now, these Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds are only $29.99 ($50 off) at Amazon when you apply the on-screen coupon.

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Grab a Pixel 4 fabric case from Verizon for just $20 (half off)

The Pixel 4: our readers' choice for smartphone of the year and, for its many faults, a phone that comes with all the support you can get from Google. The only immediate support you can't get from the company, though, is drop protection. It's not as if a force field will suddenly appear to prevent the thing from hitting the ground, right? But if you'd rather not pay $40 for a snazzy fabric case, Verizon has a great deal for you.

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Get cozy with a Home Mini and two Made For Google smart bulbs for $29 ($39 off)

Winter is here in the northern hemisphere and you might be looking for ways to cozy up your home. Smart lighting can certainly brighten things up, but the price to get started sometimes feels prohibitive. Luckily enough, you can grab a Google Smart Light Starter Kit, as well as an additional GE C-Life smart bulb, for just $29 ($39 off) at Kohls.

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Anker's EufyCam 2 indoor and outdoor two-camera bundle is down to $300 ($50 off)

Wireless security camera systems offering HD video often tend to be pricey, but they don't necessarily have to be. Thanks to this deal, you'll be able to secure your household without breaking the bank. Anker's eufyCam 2 two-camera bundle, which works both indoors and outdoors, is currently selling for $300, which is $50 less than usual.

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All models of the Pixel Slate are back to Black Friday prices ($350 off), includes free keyboard and pen

Over the years, Google has slowly fleshed out its Pixel laptop lineup to meet a variety of form factors, most notably the 2-in-1 Pixelbook and the new clamshell Pixelbook Go. Then there's the Pixel Slate, Google's only tablet-first Chrome OS experience that can also be paired up with a keyboard. Right now, you can pick up a brand new Pixel Slate for $350 off Core m3 ($449), Core i5 ($649), and Core i7 ($1,249) models and receive a free Pixel Slate keyboard and Pixelbook pen ($298 value).

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The fourth-generation Fossil Sport smartwatch is selling for $104 again ($45 off)

If you're looking for a new smartwatch, the Fossil Sport is worth considering. It's powered by Wear OS and comes with all the essentials you need. When it came out, it was selling for $275, but thanks to this deal, you can pay just $104 for it, making it an attractive purchase.

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Grab two Echo Dots for $38, plus TP-Link smart plugs for $5 each

Now is the perfect time to expand your smart home, especially if you've invested in Amazon's Alexa ecosystem. Best Buy's Deal of the Day is bringing down the price of two Echo Dots to just $38, normally $50 each. You can also get a TP-Link Kasa Mini Smart Plug for $5 with every Echo Dot you buy, which would usually run you $23 each.

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Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 and 2 Pro true wireless buds are down to $60 and $110 ($40 off)


True wireless earbuds are everywhere these days, and if you don't already own at least one pair, you're probably considering some. If you don't expect to receive a pair for the holidays, perhaps you'll want want to pick some up on a pretty good discount. Anker's Soundcore Liberty 2 earbuds are $40 off, bringing them down to just $59.99 for the standard model and $109.99 for the Pro version.

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The best Wear OS smartwatch is only $172 ($123 off) at Amazon (Update: Extra savings removed)

One of the great things about being an Android user is that there are plenty of good smartwatch options to match any style and preference. If you want the best Wear OS watch on the market, though, there is only one that we'd recommend above all the rest. For a limited time, you can pick up a brand new Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch for only $172 ($123 off) at Amazon.

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