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[Update: Site down, sign-ups still live] Get 3 years of Disney+ for $141 ($69 off) through September 1

Ah, yes, Disney+: the place you'll want to head to starting November 12 to look for enchanting premium content from your favorite Disney property. And by premium, we mean premium. It's $7 per month in the United States or $70 a year. But if you admit to being a true Disney fan, you might be able to snag a nice discount... but only on a bulk membership.

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Monday deals: Save on JBL's giant Partybox 200 speaker, plus smart home accessories and more

We've made it to the final Monday of August! (There's still technically a few weeks of summer left, don't worry.) Today we've got deals on stuff like Bluetooth speakers (a huge one and a tiny one), a four-pack of Hue bulbs, a cheapo battery pack, and a very affordable smart bathroom scale.

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RAVPower's 61W USB-C charger is nearly half off at $27

We take it for granted, but the progress charging technology has made over the past few years is crazy. RAVPower's 61-watt USB-C charger is small enough to fit in your pocket, and can push enough juice to power anything you've got that'll charge by USB-C. And right now, you can pick one up for just 27 bucks on Amazon.

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[Update: $130 at Costco] Lenovo's 10-inch Smart Display marked down to just $140 this weekend

There sure are a lot of Lenovo smart home gadgets on sale this weekend — the Smart Clock for $50, the 8" Smart Display bundle for $90, and now the larger the 10" Smart Display on sale for $140, down from an original price of $250. That's $10 less than previous online deals we've seen.

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Goal Zero power banks on sale, including $60 off the Sherpa 100 AC and $360 off the monstrous Yeti 1400

There are a lot of external batteries/power banks/portable chargers out there, and often the experience can be summarized purely in specs. While there's always odd or unusual behavior to watch out for, you usually know what you're getting when rated outputs, features, and capacities are all listed. The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC Portable power Bank checks a whole lot of boxes if you're after a really high-end, airline-safe battery, and right now it's $60 off at multiple retailers, including Amazon, down to just $240 from its usual $300 price tag. The truly monstrous Goal Zero Yeti 1400 is also discounted by $360 to "just" $1,440.

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Early Galaxy Note10 deals offer at least $120 off global models

If you, dear U.S. reader, are looking to purchase a Galaxy Note10 or Note10+, but don't want to be beholden to your carrier for a device payment contract or even to the power of Qualcomm processing, you'll likely be dredging the gray market for your Samsung phablet. Well, reputable eBay seller never-msrp will be happy to sell you a Note intended for Asian or European markets right now, and at a good discount, too. Just beware of the small details.

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Anker's feature-packed 500-lumen Nebula Mars II Pro projector is $120 off at Amazon ($480)

Portable projectors are great for impromptu screenings, and you'll probably want one that's bright and has a robust battery. The Anker Nebula Mars II Pro ticks those boxes, plus it runs Android apps to boot. But it doesn't come cheap, with a sticker price just shy of $600. Thanks to a couple of stacking discounts, though, you can nab one for $120 off today.

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The unlocked Galaxy Note9 is as low as $745 on Amazon, 512GB version hits lowest price ever at $805

With the recent announcement of the Note10, it was obvious the previous generation's price would drop substantially. And it just did, as the Note9 is now as low as $745 for the 128GB version, or $805 for the 512GB one. These are unlocked US versions, so you don't have to worry about carrier compatibility or warranty.

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12 temporarily free and 27 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday

Well, it's time for another round of app sales. Today's is mercifully smaller than Monday's, but still check it out; you might like something here.

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Midweek deals: Save on Google Home Max, Amazon Fire tablets, and more

Happy Wednesday, readers. Today we've got some fine prices on Google's biggest and best smart speaker, Amazon Fire tablets, and charging accessories from Anker. Read on to learn more.

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