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'Friends With Moto' Program Allows Motorola Employees To Give Away $50 Moto X And $30-40 Moto G Discounts

If you've got a friend or family member who works for Motorola Mobility, you might want to bug them for a free discount on a new phone. A Motorola representative detailed the "Friends with Moto" program to Android Police: basically, it allows any Motorola employee to offer a $50 off coupon on the Moto X, $40 off the 16GB Moto G, or $30 off the 8GB Moto G. bringing the basic off-contract prices down to $350, $160, and $150, respectively.

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Friday App And Game Sales: Archangel, Swipe Dialer Pro, PinWar, And More

It's been a long week, and don't you deserve a treat? I mean, let's not get carried away – a moderately priced treat would probably be the best course of action. Some apps and games that happen to be on sale will do nicely.


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Monday App And Game Sales: Puddle, Runtastic PRO, Next Launcher 3D Shell, And More

It's another gloomy Monday morning, and that means it's back to the salt mines (or air conditioned office, or whatever). Let us brighten your day a little with some inexpensive apps and games. It is literally the absolute least we can do.


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[Deal Alert] Motorola Will Toss In A Free Chromecast With Purchase Of An Off-Contract Moto X

So maybe you missed that mega Moto X deal last month – that's okay. Motorola still really wants you to buy a Moto X. The price was permanently knocked down by $100 last week, and now Motorola is sweetening the pot even more with a free Chromecast for a limited Time.

2014-01-09 15_38_47-My Cart at Motorola - A Google Company

The deal is only valid through 11:59pm ET on January 14th. All you have to do is add a Chromecast to your cart containing a 16 or 32GB Moto X and enter the code STREAM.

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[Deal Alert] 16GB And 32GB 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 Available For 10% Off From Newegg With Coupon Code

The Nexus 10 may not have viewed 2013 as a good year to make a comeback, but the Galaxy Note 10.1 did, and it did so with style. The model rolled in an improved display, a better stylus, and the faux-leather backing that Samsung also stuck on the Galaxy Note 3. It's not the most affordable tablet out there, but Newegg's willing to let go of one for 10% off.

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Wednesday App And Game Sales: Flight Control, USB Scanner, Reball (free), And More

As CES continues to chug along, there are still things going on in Google Play that deserve your attention. We've got things to tell you about that are cheaper than they usually are – "sales" in the parlance of our time.


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Friday App And Game Sales: DraStic DS Emulator, Mimpi (Free), Poweramp, And More

We like apps and games around here, but we like a good deal too. Combine the two, and it's like a glorious explosion of awesome in our phones. You want in on that, right? Read on.


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[Deal Alert] Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 On Sale For $189.99 ($60 Off) At Best Buy Today

In a world where almost all tablets are boring black slabs, Lenovo is trying to make some headway with a different design. Now you can experience Lenovo's take on the tablet for $60 less than usual – the Yoga Tablet 8 is on sale for $189.99 at Best Buy today only. That's better than the last such deal.

2013-12-31 12_14_19-Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 16GB 59387747 - Best Buy

The Yoga Tablet 8 has a neat little stand that can be used to prop it upright or position it at a comfortable incline.

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[Update: Now It's $200][Deal Alert] Galaxy Gear Available On eBay For $240 With Free Shipping Today Only (A $60 Savings)

Update: The price has since dropped. This refurbished Galaxy Gear can now be yours for just $199.95.


The Galaxy Gear may not be the best smartwatch out there, but if you have a compatible Samsung device, it may just be worth checking out. This would normally set you back $299.99, but today only, you can get the Gear for $239.95 from eBay, a 20% savings. To sweeten the deal even further, the watch also comes with free shipping.

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Amazon Offering $5 Appstore Credits To Anyone Who Downloads An App Or Game December 24-28th

The Amazon Appstore hasn't exactly grown to rival Google Play in size or overall quality, but there's still some cool stuff over there. And if you can get it for free? That's a pretty good deal. Amazon is offering $5 to spend on apps and all you have to do is download something.


Starting on December 24th and running through the 28th, anyone who downloads an app or game using the latest version of the Amazon Appstore client will get a $5 credit to spend on Appstore content.

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