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Motorola's Mother's Day Sale Is Live – Get A Moto X As Low As $299.99 Off-Contract Today Only

The Moto X might be getting on toward its twilight years, but it's still a great phone with killer features. Motorola's promised Mother's Day sale is active, which means you can get this device for a mere $299.99 for the 16GB version.

2014-05-01 01_34_43-Motorola - A Google Company

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Tuesday App And Game Sales: ROM Toolbox Pro, Flashout 3D, Final Fantasy IV, And More

I hope you've been saving your pocket change in anticipation of some cool Android sales, because today is the day. Although, I'm not sure what you're going to do with the change. There's not a coin slot on your phone, so hopefully you have access to reliable banking. At any rate, your electronic money can be spent on the following things, which are cheaper than usual.


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[Deal Alert] Motorola Is Celebrating Mother's Day With A 24 Hour Moto X Sale On May 1st, Phones As Low As $299.99

Motorola has had some pretty crazy sales for the Moto X in past months, but the fun doesn't have to end just because Lenovo is heading things up. Motorola is having a one-day Mother's Day sale on May 1st with reduced off-contract prices for all versions of the Moto X.

2014-04-29 16_22_12-Motorola - A Google Company

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[Deal Alert] 64GB Patriot Stellar USB 3.0 OTG MicroUSB/USB Going For Only $28.99 On Amazon (64% Off)

So you decided to save yourself a few bucks and opted for the 16GB version of the latest phone, or even worse, are still stuck with an 8GB Nexus 4*, and now you're really feeling the pinch. The phone's lacking a microSD card slot, and that cloud storage isn't helping all that much on a limited data connection. What's a guy or gal to do? Pick up one of these dandy flash drives with dual microUSB/USB support.

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[Deal Alert] All Sizes Of Corsair Flash Voyager GO MicroUSB 3.0 Drive On Sale (Up To 32% Off)

So your phone maker thought you could get by with only 16GB of internal storage, eh? You could get a microSD card for some phones, but that's not always supported. So a USB drive with an OTG cable? What is this? The middle ages? You can get a Corsair Flash Voyager GO USB 3.0 drive with a dual microUSB/USB plug built right in – and they're on sale today.

41RjpHUynWL 41-IBhyDudL 412srFpe9EL

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[Deal Alert] Security App Cerberus Is Three Years Old Today, Celebrating With Free Licenses For One Day Only (Plus A New Feature)

The Android Device Manager might get the basics taken care of, but Cerberus goes a few steps farther. It's a powerful security suite with features like SIM locking, device alarms, remote lock, remote wipe, remote picture taking, and location tracking. It would usually cost you €2.99 (about $4) for a lifetime license, but it's free for the next day in celebration of the app's third birthday.


Cerberus has robust functionality on standard devices, but it can also take advantage of root access to move to the system partition so it persists between device resets.

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Wednesday App And Game Sales: The Cave, Behang, The Room Two, And More

Sometimes there are a lot of sales and other times only a few. It's not the number of sales that matters, though. It's about the quality. Today's sales are of extremely high quality, so it's time to get that wallet out.


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Humble Bundle Reveals Three More Games For Mobile Bundle 5 – Paper Monsters, R-Type, and Enviro-Bear 2010

The latest Humble Bundle was already a great deal with the likes of The Room Two and Carcassonne up for grabs. We knew more titles were coming, and here they are. The Humble Bundle blog now lists Paper Monsters, R-Type, and Enviro-Bear 2010 as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 5.

2014-04-22 13_43_36-Humble Mobile Bundle 5 (pay what you want and help charity)

All three titles are in the locked tier that you only get for paying over the average. As of right now, that is at $5.14, but it's only going to go up the longer you wait.

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[Deal Alert] 2013 Nexus 7 (32GB) On eBay Daily Deals For $169.99 With Free US Shipping

The Nexus 7 is an inexpensive tablet already, but you can sometimes catch it on sale for a relative pittance. A refurbished 32GB N7 is currently waiting for you on eBay Daily Deals for $169.99. That's close to the price we recently spotted for the 16GB.

2014-04-21 13_31_53-Asus Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen 7_ 32 GB Android 4 3 Wi Fi Tablet 2013 Black 8862275

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Monday App And Game Sales: 10000000, ReNotify+, Ticket to Ride, And So Much More

The week is just starting, but the app sales are already going strong. I could talk to you all day about the virtues of buying apps and games on sale and being a thrifty consumer, but then some of the sales might be over. There are a ton of deals, so let's just get to it.


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