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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh External Battery Only $49.99 (50% Off) On StackSocial

An external battery pack can provide some peace of mind, but what happens if the power's out long enough to drain it down? Or what if everyone requires more juice on the next camping trip than you plan for? What charges the chargers?

It's when thinking of those moments that a solar-powered external battery back sounds really compelling. So here's the deal. StackSocial is currently offering a ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000mAh external battery pack for $49.99, 50% of its usual price.

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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile Nexus 6 Is Back On Sale—Get $48 Off The 32GB Or 64GB Nexus 6 With Coupon Code

The Nexus 6 is a very expensive phone compared to the last few Nexus devices. However, it also makes fewer compromises. If you are close to pulling the trigger now that supply is starting to (kind of) catch up with demand, T-Mobile has a deal going that might push you over the edge—it's brought back the $48 discount code for both storage options.

2015-01-28 01_02_20-Google Nexus 6 Smartphone Phablet _ Nexus 6 Reviews & Specs _ T-Mobile

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[Deal Alert] PNY 128GB MicroSD Card $79.99 After Instant Discount, Other Flash Memory Also On Sale From TigerDirect

When it comes to storing files on your mobile device, having a 128GB microSD card is the Holy Grail. It's the easiest way to store all the things without having to worry about staying in range of Wi-Fi or burning through limited data allotments. So it's with that in mind that I direct your eyes over to The site is currently offering a 128 microSD card for 79.99, down from $129.99 after instant savings.

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[Deal Alert] Groupon Offering Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 For $174.99 And 12.2 For $359.99

Samsung's Pro series tablets are getting a little long in the tooth these days, but it's hard to pass on the deal being offered at Groupon today. You can get a refurbished Tab Pro for as little as $174.99, but you have mere hours to decide.

2015-01-27 14_49_38-Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 16GB or 32GB Tablet _ Groupon

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked New AT&T LG G2 32GB On eBay For $209.99, Tax Only In CA

The G3 may be LG's favorite child at the moment, but the G2 remains a compelling piece of hardware. Anyone in the market for one would do well to take a glance over at eBay, where unlocked AT&T models with 32GB of storage are going for $209.99 with free shipping, and the only people who have to pay taxes are those living in California. These are new units discounted to a lower price than refurbished ones went for back in August.

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[Deal Alert] Equil Smartpen 2, Which Converts Your Handwritten Notes Into Editable Digital Copies, Currently $129.99 (From $169.99) On StackSocial [Updated]

Update: False alarm. It looks like you have more time now. Two days more, to be precise.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 at 3.51.26 PM

If you're in the market for a way to handwrite notes and convert them into a digital format that you can edit, head over to StackSocial right away and buy the discounted Equil Smartpen 2. It's currently going for $129.99, which is $20 less than Amazon's current rate and down from the regular price of $169.99. Then come back and read the remainder of this post.

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Humble Mobile Bundle 10 Is Live With OTTTD, Sorcery 2, LYNE, And More

There's a new Humble Mobile Bundle available, and you know what that means. Yes, tons of cheap games and more on the way. The bundle kicks off with a few awesome puzzlers, platformers, and tower defense games. And there's no DRM on any of it.

2015-01-19 14_02_08-Humble Mobile Bundle 10 (pay what you want and help charity)

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[Deal Alert] Touch Of Modern Has ChargeAll USB/AC Battery Packs On Sale For As Much As $100 Off, Plus A $15 Gift Card Per $100 Spent

Most portable external batteries make it easy to charge up a phone or tablet when your power runs low, but what about a computer? The ChargeAll can do both, and it has really excellent reviews on Amazon. The only problem is the price, but TouchOfModern has the ChargeAll heavily discounted if you don't mind waiting.

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[It's Back] Deal Alert: Jabra Solemate Portable Bluetooth Speaker Only $64.99 On Woot Today (Down From $199.99)

It's good to save money, but when it comes to audio, there's a pretty clear difference between a quality product and something cheap. Fortunately you can always wait for the good stuff to go on sale. Today we've come across the Jabra Solemate portable Bluetooth speaker on Woot, where it's currently available for $64.99.

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[Deal Alert] Expansys Has The White 32GB Nexus 6 On Sale For $604.99 ($45 Off) With Tax Only In Illinois And Canada [Update: Sold Out]

It's still hard to find a Nexus 6 in stock even months after it was released. That's even more true if you fancy the "cloud white" version. Not only does Expansys USA have the device in stock, it's on sale for $604.99 with free shipping.


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