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Friday App And Game Sales: Awesome Miniature Pro, Distant Suns, SkySafari, And More [Updated]

The weekend is upon us, and you're going to need something to do. Some new apps would do the trick, but only chumps go around paying full price for things. We've got all the app and games sales you could want right here.


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[Deal Alert] AT&T Drops LG Optimus G Pro To Just $439.99 Contract-Free – $110 Off The Old Price

If you've got a hankering for a beefy smartphone rocking a new Snapdragon 600, consider the AT&T Optimus G Pro. Ah, but the contract, you say. Well, AT&T has just dropped the off-contract price to $439.99. It used to be $549.99. All the contract deals have remained the same, but eBay doesn't even sell the G Pro as cheaply as AT&T does now.


This is the AT&T-branded Optimus, remember. That means some AT&T junk on the device.

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Thursday App And Game Sales: Xpert Timer, Great Big War Game, Super Mega Worm, And So Much More

The Google Play Store got its big overhaul this week, and it looks pretty nice. The lost features are a bit of a problem, but maybe a bunch of app sales will cheer you up. There are a ton of them today, including some stuff from Amazon.


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Monday App And Game Sales: Frozen Synapse, Bass Booster Pro, McPixel, And More

How about a little boost on this Monday morning? Picking up some new apps and games at drastically reduced prices might provide just the kick you need to attack the day like an unstoppable nuclear-powered robot tiger that shoots lightning from its eyes. Or something less outlandish... but these apps are still on sale either way.


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[Deal Alert] Nexus 7 Drops To $149 (16GB) And $169 (32GB) At Staples With Coupon Code

We must be achingly close to a new 7-inch slate from Google with all the Nexus 7 sales going on. This time the already low price over at Staples is getting even lower with the application of a $30 coupon code. This is a solid deal, even for last year's model.

n7 deal

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Friday App And Game Sales: RadiON, WiFi Mouse Pro, Bombcats: Special Edition, Angry Words, And More [Updated]

The weekend is mere hours away, and you will soon be living it. Living life without apps, though? That doesn't sound awesome. It just so happens we have some neat sales you can check out right below. So go save some cash.


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Tuesday App And Game Sales: Beautiful Widgets Pro, Legends Arcana, Photo Studio Pro, And More

The Play Store is again overflowing with a bounty, and we're here to point you in the direction of the deals. Below is a collection of sales on the finest apps and games your Android dollar can buy. So proceed, won't you?


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[Deal Alert] Amazon Drops AT&T And Sprint HTC One Down To $49.99 On New Lines (Plus $25 Google Play Credit From HTC)

In case that Google Play Edition HTC One doesn't strike your fancy, or the price tag is too outlandish, there's always the subsidized carrier version. Amazon has chopped a bit more off the cost of the HTC One on both AT&T and Sprint. Both devices are now $49.99 with a new line on a 2-year contract.


This deal matches what WireFly did for the Sprint model last month, but that retailer doesn't offer AT&T phones at all.

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Staples Drops Nexus 7 32GB To $199.99 ($50 Off) And 16GB To $179.99 ($20 Off), Clearing Inventory For A New Nexus?

We've seen every indication a shiny new Nexus 7 is on the way from Google, including retailers clearing out stock of the original tablet at steep discounts. Staples is up today with a price reduction on both 16GB and 32GB versions. It's not a bad price, but there are online deals for less. This does, however, make it look like Staples is making room for a new product – most other brick-and-mortar retailers are sticking to the default price.

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Google Expands Field Trip Free Passes To More Museums, Zoos, And Other Attractions In July

Google started testing free passes through the Field Trip app back in May, and now the program is expanding to more locations. Throughout the month of July, venturing near a participating location will produce a free single-admittance pass. The list of attractions is much larger than last time.


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