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[Update: Dead] Samsung Gear S3 Frontier down to just $110 ($90 off) at Costco

It's no secret that a lot of us at AP have switched from Wear OS-running smartwatches to Tizen-based watches by Samsung. If you've been thinking of jumping ship too, the Gear S3 Frontier (my daily driver) is currently marked down to $110, an all-time low.

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33 temporarily free and 27 on-sale apps and games to kick off Google I/O week

Welcome to Google I/O 2019 week, everyone. Things are about to kick into high gear, so be ready for the barrage of news. Though the keynote isn't until tomorrow, you can still expect some early stuff today, so why not have a look through some app sales before that starts?

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20 temporarily free and 20 on-sale apps and games for Friday

TGIF, y'all. The weekend before Google I/O is almost here, so savor it because next week is going to be nuts. There will be the regularly-scheduled app sales and I'll try to get them out early in the mornings so that you have some time to look through them before I/O news starts. Unlike Wednesday's roundup – which still has goodies like the Evoland games and KOTOR on sale – today's is quite small.

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Amazon has the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium for $600 ($300 off)

Sony may not be doing so well in the smartphone business, likely due in part to how pricey its devices are. As we typically see with the Xperia line as time goes on, there's another sale on the XZ2 Premium over on Amazon. You can score yours for $599.99, $300 off the quite high MSRP.

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24 temporarily free and 43 on-sale apps and games, including both Evolands, KOTOR, and some Asmodee titles

Welcome to May, everyone. To bring in the new month, we have a good list of app sales for your perusal today. Evoland 1 and 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and a handful of Asmodee games are all on sale today. You'll find those, and other goodies, in bold below.

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TCL's best 4K HDR 55" TV is at its lowest price ever if you buy with an Amazon credit card

While we're not usually fans of "cash back" discount schemes as stand-ins for real sales, when making a big ticket purchase, they can be huge motivators to get products off shelves. Today is definitely such an occasion, with TCL's well-reviewed and range-topping R617 55" 4K HDR TV available for effectively $450 after rewards are taken into account when you using a qualifying Amazon credit card to make your purchase.

The TV is already on sale for its lowest price on Amazon ever ($530), but Amazon is offering an additional 10% in rewards cash back (on top of the standard 5% for the Prime Visa) on this specific model, meaning once those rewards points hit your account, you'll get back nearly $80 in Amazon Rewards.

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50 temporarily free and 63 on-sale apps and games to finish April

Welcome to the final app sales roundup for the month of April. Time has flown by and we're coming up on Google I/O — so that's where that sense of impending doom is coming from. Anyway, today's list is very large to send off April, so have fun. And apologies for this being so late, but better that than not at all... right?

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Several Anker products are at all-time low prices, including the Liberty Lite for $45 and Soundcore Model Zero for $140

Anker has cemented itself as a trusted brand in the audio accessories and battery arena and is known for offering a blend of quality and value. If you're on the lookout for a speaker or earphones, today's Amazon Gold Box deals have several Anker Bluetooth speakers and true-wireless earbuds on sale at all-time low prices.

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Get a Google Home Hub with a free Home Mini for just $79 from Rakuten with code

Since launch, we've seen progressively better and better sales on the Google Home Hub, the company's first-party Assistant smart display. But this deal over on Rakuten is definitely one of the best ones yet. Right now, with a coupon code, you can get a Home Hub and a Home Mini for just $79. That's pretty good.

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B&H has the Asus Zenfone 5Z for $400 ($100 off)

While we wait and get excited for 2019's smartphone selection, it's a great time to pick up last year's offerings for cheap. Take this deal for example, where B&H is asking $399 for Asus' excellent Zenfone 5Z. That's $100 off the MSRP.

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