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[Deal Alert] Refurb Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Tablet With Special Offers (32GB) On Sale For $179.99 ($120 Off)

It's not the latest and greatest, but the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is still a capable device with a nice screen. You can pick up one of Amazon's Android-ish tablets on Woot right now for a mere $179.99. You better get on it, though. A good deal on Woot won't last all day.

2014-02-17 03_00_10-Kindle Fire HD 8.9_ 32GB Tablet

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished 32GB Nexus 7 (2012 Model) Is $100 After Mail-In Rebate At Newegg

The holiday season saw a ton of tablets dip below the coveted $100 mark, but there weren't many of them that were actually worth even that low price. But today you can pick up the 32GB version of the original Tegra-powered Nexus 7 from Newegg for a cool c-note... assuming you're OK with both a refurbished model and a rebate in the form of a $50 prepaid Visa card.

newegg n7

That's still a pretty good deal if you're willing to jump through the hoops.

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Valentine's Day App And Games Sales: The Room, n7player, ROM Toolbox, And More

It's Valentine's Day, which is a day you and your significant other are supposed to be doing something romantic. Of course, it might also be a day that's reminiscent of past rejections and being the only kid in class who didn't get any valentines. Those jerks. Don't worry, we at Android Police choo-choo-choose you. To prove it, here is our gift of Valentine's Day sales.


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[Deal Alert] The LG G Pad 8.3 Is $250 ($100 Off) With A Discount Code At Newegg

Looking for a good mid-sized tablet? You can't do much better than the LG G Pad 8.3, the company's first tablet in two years, at least in terms of hardware. The price is a bit high at $350 retail, but today you can get some relief from that sticker shock. Newegg has the G Pad 8.3 on sale for just $279.99, plus a $30 discount with a code at checkout, bringing the total price down to a very reasonable $249.99.

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Thursday App And Game Sales: Rayman Fiesta Run, Battery Widget Reborn, Assassin's Creed Pirates, And More

There's a holiday of sorts coming up tomorrow, but there's still time to get something special for your significant other. There happen to be some apps and games on sale. That'll do it, right? Actually, that's terrible advice – don't do that. You can still check out these sales for completely unrelated reasons, though.


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[Deal Alert] Ouya Console With Controller And $25 Game Credit For $85 ($125 Value)

The Ouya's Tegra 3-based innards are getting a little old, but the console is finally starting to get a respectable game library and the controller has been tweaked since launch. Okay, maybe you don't want to spend $99 on it, but how about $85 with some free games?

2014-02-13 14_32_51-OUYA_ A New Kind Of Game Console _ StackSocial

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Monday App And Game Sales: Plex, Crazy Taxi, Podkicker Pro, And More

Turn that frown upside down – we've got some great sales to tell you about. If you weren't frowning, please disregard and continue being the lovable, positive person you are. Either way, check out these deals.


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Friday App And Game Sales: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Zombies Run!, Sparkle 2 Evo, And More

Apps go on sale all the time, and we want to make sure you know about it. Why? Because we care. You'll definitely want to know about the sales we've spotted today – it's a big haul this time.


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Thursday App And Game Sales: ReNotify+, AaaaaAAaaa, Colossatron, And More

Thursday is traditionally a work day, but don't let us get in your way with all these cheap apps and games. No, you go ahead and keep doing you job while all these deals sit here waiting to be taken advantage of. They're just right down there... if you change your mind.


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[Deal Alert] HooToo TripMate Wireless N Portable Travel Router (5200mAh Battery And USB Storage) Down To $39.99 ($10 Off)

As a technology obsessed individual (hey, you're the one reading an Android blog), you probably take things like external batteries and travel routers on trips. Well, there's a product that can take the place of multiple devices, and it's on sale. The HooToo TripMate Wireless N Router has a built-in battery to keep your devices juiced up and offers wireless access to USB storage. This thing is kind of like a mobile Swiss Army knife...

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