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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Galaxy S5 Quickly Drops To $629.99 On eBay Daily Deals, Gear 2 And Gear Fit Also Discounted

Last week an unlocked Galaxy S5 hit eBay as a Daily Deal for the price of $699.99. That wasn't cheap, but the seller was apparently shipping the phone out within a day. Now the phone has already dropped a full $70 in price. It's currently going for $629.99 as part of another eBay Daily Deal.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Smartwatch SW2 For $119.99 With Free Shipping After Coupon Code From Rakuten

Sony has steadfastly refused to abandon its smart watch plans for Android Wear, which is totally its call. It might not work out well down the road, but you can get your hands on Sony's latest Smartwatch SW2 right now on the cheap. How cheap? Just $119.99 with free shipping (continental US only).


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Monday App And Game Sales: Star Command, eWeather HD, Pathogen, And More

Mondays can be rough, but a few deals on cool apps and games could turn things around. It's almost like Friday on a Monday. Well, maybe not. Saving money is fun and all, but I'm sorry I got your hopes up like that. It's still Monday.


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[Deal Alert] The $29.99 Chromecast Deal ($5 Off) Is Back At Best Buy And Amazon

If you want a Chromecast, you probably already have one - that's kind of the point of pricing something in the range of an impulse purchase. The early supply issues have been worked out, new and updated apps with Chromecast support are practically flooding into the Play Store, and Google's tiny streamer has even made its way to Europe. But if you're an American who refuses to pay retail, you'll be glad to know that the Chromecast is once again on sale for $29.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy.

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[Deal Alert] The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Is $179.99 At Best Buy ($70 Off) Today Only

Regular slate tablets are not for you. No sir/ma'am, you demand flexibility and utility from your electronics. Lenovo's Yoga line might be more accommodating for your needs, since it uses a unique chassis that combines a kickstand, an ergonomic handle, a massive battery pack, and a pair of stereo speakers into one bulbous side of the device. Today's Best Buy deal of the day is the 8-inch Yoga Tablet, on sale for $70 off.

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[Deal Alert] Verizon's Galaxy S5 Is Just $99.99 From Amazon For New Accounts, No Rebates Or BOGO Necessary

So you want the new Samsung flagship, and you want it at a discount. You're also not part of a family plan (so the admittedly nice Buy One, Get One deal isn't for you) and you're deathly afraid of papercuts, so the current mail-in rebate promotion from Verizon is out. Don't worry, picky penny-pincher: Amazon is here to save the day with a $99.99 Samsung Galaxy S5, no conditions or hoops required.

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[Deal Alert] Asus Cube With Google TV For $49.99 From Groupon, Plus $20 Rebate And Free Shipping

Okay, so Google TV didn't work out exactly as Google probably hoped it would. While not technically dead, Google TV is at least on life support while Google pushes the $35 Chromecast dongle. If you still want to give Google TV a shot, Groupon is offering an Asus Cube for less (after rebate) than the cost of a Chromecast.


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Verizon's Galaxy S5 Pre-Order Is Now Available - $249.99 With A Two-Year Contract, BOGO Offer Included

Verizon's Galaxy S5 pre-order is now available, and the Big Red really wants you to buy one. It's willing to sell you Samsung's latest flagship for $249.99 with a two-year activation and throw in a $50 mail-in rebate debit card. What makes this offer worthwhile is a complementary buy-one-get-one free deal that will not only include a free Galaxy S5 on the house, but an HTC One M8, HTC One M7, or Galaxy S4 instead if you would rather mix and match (or a Samsung ATIV SE if, for whatever reason, you'd rather walk out with a free Windows phone instead).

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[Deal Alert] Sony SmartWatch 2 Available For $130 On eBay Daily Deals

Google won a lot of minds when it unveiled Android Wear, and Motorola made off with a ton of hearts when it followed up with the Moto 360. The thing is, not everyone wants a device that's so integrated with their Google accounts, and this leaves room for earlier smartwatch manufacturers to wiggle. The Sony SmartWatch brand has been around long enough to draw quite a few apps into its ecosystem, making it worth a look for some.

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Thursday App And Game Sales: Beautiful Widgets Pro, Riptide GP2, GPP Remote Viewer, And More

Do you have all the apps you need? Don't answer yet – we have some sales to tempt you. Maybe you don't need all these apps, but wanting something hard enough is almost the same thing.


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