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Lenovo's 10-inch Smart Display marked down to just $140 this weekend

There sure are a lot of Lenovo smart home gadgets on sale this weekend — the Smart Clock for $50, the 8" Smart Display bundle for $90, and now the larger the 10" Smart Display on sale for $140, down from an original price of $250. That's $10 less than previous online deals we've seen.

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Garmin's high-end dashcam range is up to 25% off on Amazon

Installing a dashcam in your car makes a lot of sense — having footage of an accident makes insurance claims a lot easier, and you never know when you'll see something noteworthy on the road. While they may have been a novelty a few years ago, nowadays dashcams come in all price ranges from a lot of manufacturers. Fitness tracking company Garmin has a range of higher-end dashcams with some unique features, and they're currently on sale at Amazon.

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Anker's true wireless Liberty Neo earbuds on sale for $40 ($20 off) at Amazon

True wireless earbuds make listening to media while exercising a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, a good pair can get quite pricey, with the cheap earbuds usually failing to provide a stable Bluetooth connection between each other or the phone. The Soundcore Liberty Neo by Anker is a budget pair that bucks this trend, and it's currently marked down to $40 on Amazon.

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41 temporarily free and 61 on-sale apps and games for Monday

Welcome to the beginning of the workweek, everyone. Today I have over one-hundred Android apps and games that are currently on sale, and I've highlighted the more interesting titles in bold, which should make discovery a little easier, so make sure to snag these sales while they last.

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The $300 Lenovo Mirage Camera captures 3D 180° video and is marked down to just $100

The product life cycle can be harsh — smash hits fly off the shelves and rarely get discounted, but other products, though they may be decent, don't catch on and are brutally discounted in fire sales. The 3D 180VR video-capturing Lenovo Mirage Camera is one such example —  originally launched for $300 in 2018, it can now be had for just $100 at Best Buy and Amazon.

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Highly rated 55", 65", and 75" Sony Android TVs currently on sale for up to $800 off

When it comes to high-end televisions, Sony arguably rules the roost — the Android TV-running X950G lineup is a popular choice amongst average and expert consumers alike. If you've had your eye out for a Sony 4K TV, two models of the 2019 lineup are currently on sale — the 55" and 65" variants of the X950G, and the 75" variant of the X900F.

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38 temporarily free and 61 on-sale apps and games for Friday

Welcome to Friday, everyone. Today I have almost one-hundred Android apps and games that are currently on sale, and I've highlighted the more exciting titles in bold, which should make discovery a little easier. So go ahead and dig in, and don't forget to have a good weekend folks!

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37 temporarily free and 48 on-sale apps and games for the weekend

Welcome to Friday, everyone. It's the end of the week, which means it's time again to check out the latest sales available on the Google Play Store. I've highlighted the more interesting releases in bold, so make sure to pick them up while these sales last. Have a great weekend!

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Blink XT-2 smart camera bundles are up to 44% off on sale, offer subscription-free cloud storage

Most smart security cameras need a wired connection to receive power, which can be a pain when setting up cameras outdoors. The Blink XT2 is amongst the few battery-operated security cameras, lasting up to 2 years on a pair of standard AA cells. For Prime Day, Amazon-owned Blink is having a massive sale on the recently launched Blink XT2, with prices dropping to as low as $50 a pop.

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Prime Day deal on New 2DS XL steals Nintendo Switch promo's thunder

Going into Prime Day, the rumored Nintendo Switch deal tantalized us the most. Details weren't known, but with discounts on Nintendo's latest console being so few and far between, almost any price cut would have been welcomed. In the end, Amazon elected to sell the Switch for its usual $300 price but with a $35 eShop Gift Card, which is alright, but the current promo on the "New" 2DS XL seriously steals that deal's thunder.

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