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Limited edition Oktoberfest Android mini (and optional mug) goes on sale tomorrow (September 27)

Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra have been making Android mini collectibles for a long time. We've had hot dog bugdroids, panda bugdroids, and even Nexus bugdroids. Tomorrow, there's a new special edition Android mini launching in celebration of Oktoberfest. It's an Android drinking beer, which makes sense. You can even get a mug with your Android so you can have some beer, too.

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Special edition watermelon Android mini and 'Andy' enamel pin now available from Dead Zebra

Designer Andrew Bell has something tasty to share this summer—a new special edition Android mini is live on the Dead Zebra store. The new watermelon Android mini is available for order right now, but it'll only be on sale for a limited time. There's also a new Android logo enamel pin. That's neat, but that watermelon, guys.

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[Update: Winners] Win up to 8 Android Foundry Progress Administration prints from Dead Zebra for your office propaganda needs

Our friends at Dead Zebra have released two sets of their Android Foundry Progress prints, this time in a 5" by 7" format that will fit on your desk or just about any other place you might want. 4 lucky Android Police readers who enter this giveaway by Friday evening will win both sets while 8 more will win one of the two sets of prints.

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Dead Zebra releases Golden Rooster special edition Android mini

Serious Android fans usually have at least one of the Android mini collectibles from Dead Zebra sitting around. I myself have an embarrassing number of them on my desk. Now there's another to add to your collection, and you better hurry up. The new Golden Rooster is a limited edition figure celebrating the Chinese New Year. If you're on the fence, let me just point out that the Golden Rooster has wings.

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Dead Zebra announces big discounts for Cyber Monday, plus a new 'For Science!' Android mini series

Dead Zebra is the online distributor of those wonderful Android mini collectibles designed by Andrew Bell, but that's not all it sells. There are rugs, pins, and more. Some of it isn't even Android-related. Dead Zebra is rolling out a new series of Android minis today, and there are discounts to be had on everything.

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[Update: Winners] Win the entire Dead Zebra Android Mini Series 06 collection or one of thirteen other prizes

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS.

Grand Prize: Dominik Lenz

Second-place prize: Adrian Bordea

Runners-up: Jonas Zemanek

Agustin Tashdjian

Craig Dewar

Shahid Hussain

Alan Nudi

Andy Raynor

Will Heineman

Louis Silvestro

Maha Rashtrian

Kevin Nguyen

It's giveaway time! We know you're primed and ready for the Pixel phones tomorrow, but what better way to pass the remaining hours than with a chance to win the entire Dead Zebra Android Mini Series 06 collection?

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Dead Zebra Android Mini Series 06 is now available with Ben Franklin, Purple, Hot Dog, along with new collectible pins

Dead Zebra makes one of our favorite collectible items as Android fans: mini figurines shaped like our beloved green robot but designed and painted to look like different weird and funny and cute characters. The sixth series is now out on Dead Zebra's site with designs from 9 different artists and a purple theme.

There's, obviously, a solid purple design, aptly named Purple, but also Ben Franklin, Hot Dog (with mini bottles of ketchup and mustard), Amanita with a removable standalone mushroom, Queen and King for the card players, and more. Here are the 13 designs that have been revealed.

There are 3 more, but those are kept under a secret blanket.

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Dead Zebra's summer 2016 Android collectible emphasizes bear awareness

Maybe you've already got a small army of Android minis on your desk, courtesy of Dead Zebra. There's a new special edition Android collectible you may very well want to add to your collection. The summer 2016 Android mini is actually a combo pack with a bear and a smaller scout Android that totally isn't going to get eaten.

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Limited Edition Chinese New Year Android Minis From Dead Zebra Go On Sale January 25th With A Chance To Win A Real Gold Coin [Update: 2013 China Special Edition In-Stock Too]

Dead Zebra makes all those neat little Android minis you see floating around. They're usually available for a very limited time when new sets and special editions are released, but you might want to make sure you're on time for the next release. To celebrate Chinese New Year on February 8th, a special "Red Pocket" Android mini will go on sale, and two of them entitle the buyer to a real gold coin as a prize.

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of 10 Bingle Bear Android Figurines From Dead Zebra And Android Police

I love Christmas. It's easily my favorite holiday of the year—just looking at the lights and festive decorations fills me with so much glee I could explode. A sparkly explosion of glee and joy all over the place. It would be the most loving explosion of all time.

But alas, I kind of don't want to explode. I mean, if I'm going to go, an explosion of pure glee wouldn't be a bad way to do it…but I've still got stuff to do, ya know? Anyway, I'm getting off topic here—we're not talking about explosions. We're talking about Christmas and how awesome it is.

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