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[Update: Sales open] Dead Zebra commemorates 10 years of Android with 4 new Android Mini figures, available November 26

Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra releases tons of cute little Bugdroid figures for holidays and other special occasions. Android turned 10 in September, and you'd better believe there are a handful of commemorative Android Minis coming soon.

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[Boooooooooo-gdroid] Dead Zebra celebrates Halloween with Zombie Process Android Mini

Andrew Bell, the man behind Dead Zebra and its unending collections of Android Minis, likes to release new designs frequently to celebrate special dates. Halloween is upon us, and what better way to commemorate the creepy holiday than with an adorable green robot claimed by the undead?

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away 12 Dead Zebra Android Heroes & Villains III sets [International]

In honor of the release of their new Heroes & Villains III set, Dead Zebra has decided to give 12 lucky AP readers their own set, free of charge. We are setting aside 4 of the sets specifically for non-US readers, who we know love to get involved with giveaways.

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Dead Zebra's new mooncake Android Minis celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Dead Zebra has a brand new Android Mini set for the commemorative collectors out there, and this one looks especially delicious. Dead Zebra's newest Minis are just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, a harvest celebration primarily celebrated in China and Vietnam. The mooncake, usually filled with red bean or lotus seed paste, is a hallmark of the festival, so Dead Zebra has crafted the tops of four Android Minis to look like the pastry — with added antenna and a biscuit-like body, of course. 

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Attention pet lovers: The new Dead Zebra Android Minis are for you

The Dead Zebra Android Minis have been a fixture of the Android community since the early days. There have been numerous blind box sets, as well as special editions to commemorate events or locations. There's a new special edition set today, and it's aimed at the pet lovers out there.

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Dead Zebra's new Android Mini Robot Revolution figurines can be remixed for endless designs

Official announcer voice: We interrupt this gripping live coverage of Google I/O and Android P news for a very important public service announcement. Dead Zebra is making new Android Mini figurines! Crowd erupts in cheer.

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[Update: Pre-orders open] Dead Zebra announces spring Android Minis and THEY LOOK LIKE PEEPS

Most of you are probably familiar with the Bugdroid: he's the official mascot for Android and a common depiction in Dead Zebra's Android Mini figurines. The company has just pushed its latest special edition set for spring to its site, revealing pre-order availability for tomorrow (March 20th) at 11AM Eastern time and I can't keep up this facade anymore THEY'RE LIKE TINY ANDROID PEEPS IN A BOX, OH MY GOD. 

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[Update: Now available] Dead Zebra releases Android Mini special edition for Year of the Dog

If you're an Android fan, which is not that far a stretch considering you're reading this, you've probably looked at Dead Zebra's Android Mini figurines and wished you had all the money to buy every single one. And now there's a new one for you to fawn over and maybe make you click that purchase button: a special edition Chinese New Year one for the Year of the Dog.

More than last year's Golden Rooster, the design is very reminiscent of Chinese culture and that bright red is gorgeous to look at. The figurine measures in at 3" in height and has antennae in the shape of dog ears plus a gold painted medallion collar, and it comes in a box with reflective gold foil.

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[Update: Available now] 'Ginger Gene' Android figure from Dead Zebra will be released tomorrow

Designer Andrew Bell is well known for his custom Android figures, which we have covered on multiple occasions. For this holiday season, he is getting ready to release a special gingerbread model, fittingly named 'Ginger Gene.'

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[Update: Available now] Special Edition "Webcrawler" Android Mini figurine is the stuff of all nightmares

I don't like spiders. I know that's a statement that almost anyone can make, but I really don't like them, to a point where I can somehow sense them in a room. On many an occasion, my friends and parents and coworkers have seen me get off my chair and go look in an invisible corner or push some piece of furniture away to reveal a spider behind it. Then calmly ask someone to come get rid of it. Call it my spidey sense, call it my curse to find the horrors of life, it's that bad.

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