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Dead Zebra releases Year of the Rat Android figurine in celebration of Chinese New Year


If you're like most of us here, you can't get enough of artist Andrew Bell's line of collectible bugdroid figures from Dead Zebra. No Android enthusiast's desk is complete without one or two (or 10). Today brings with it the announcement of the latest limited-edition figure you can add to your collection. A new rat-themed figurine is now available in commemoration of the approaching Lunar New Year.

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Android holiday ornaments from Dead Zebra are back, for a limited time (Update: Silver's back)

Andrew Bell has sold various Android-themed figures, stickers, and other collectables for years under his company, Dead Zebra. If you're looking to add a little bit of Android fun to your Christmas tree, the ornament figures sold last year have returned for a limited time.

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Let's get physical: Dead Zebra releases series of sports-themed Android figures

Andrew Bell, the artist behind the company Dead Zebra, has been releasing fun Android-themed figures for years. If you just can't get enough of the little bugdroids, or if you haven't purchased any already (you monster!), the company now has 12 more figures available.

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Grab a fresh Oktoberfest mug and bugdroid figure from Dead Zebra for $25

Oktoberfest begins tomorrow! Or tonight if you're coming off work. Or yesterday. Hey, we don't judge. But we also don't encourage the drowning of your sorrows for the fact that the Android mascot has been reduced to a mere figurehead of what it used to be. No! You can appreciate the entire bugdroid with a whole figure to celebrate the Oktoberfest season! Dead Zebra has a new Android minifigure and an ornamental stein to boot.

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Celebrate summer with Dead Zebra's newest Android mini special

If you love to collect vinyl Bugdroid figurines — just because they're so damn cute — you'll want to make some time tomorrow morning to reserve a limited edition design from Dead Zebra. From 8 a.m. Pacific tomorrow, you can grab a special Android Mini figure to celebrate the dog days of summer.

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[Update: That sold out fast] Dead Zebra cooks up new limited-edition French chef Android mini

No self-respecting Android fan's workspace is complete without a Bugdroid mini or two (or three, or eleven), so we're always on the lookout to grow our collection with the latest collectible from Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra. Today Bell revealed the next mini to join the DZ lineup, announcing the limited-edition French chef.

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Chrome's offline dinosaur is now an actual toy you can buy, and it is outstanding

"There is no internet connection." Are there any more terrifying words in the English language? Okay, yes, lots of them. Still, losing internet access is no laughing matter in this hyper-connected age. What are you supposed to do without the internet? Read a book. Psh, not likely. Chrome's dinosaur error page has been with us for a long time, helping to calm nerves during those periods of disconnection. Starting next week, you can have the Chrome dino on your desk all the time with these Dead Zebra figurines.

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Dead Zebra reveals upcoming Year of the Pig Android figurine to celebrate Chinese New Year

As is tradition, Dead Zebra is ringing in the upcoming Chinese New Year with an appropriate mini bugdroid figurine, shaped like a pretty cute, Androidesque pig. And, technically, there are two figurines: 1 in 10 purchasers will receive an even more limited edition Gold colored one, rather than your more standard (and perhaps cuter) pink bugdroid pig.

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Dead Zebra's Android mini holiday ornaments go on sale December 12 at 11AM ET

The Android faithful will know that Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra has long made various Android vinyl figures. They look like businessmen, skeletons, astronauts, and all kinds of neat stuff. Never before has there been a holiday ornament version, though. Dead Zebra will sell you a special edition Android mini ornament tomorrow (December 12).

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[Bigdroid] Dead Zebra's 10" Mega Android figure is on sale for $27 ($23 off)

Have you been looking for a silly-large toy to occupy a bunch of space on your shelf or desk? Then boy, have we got a treat for you. Dead Zebra makes an absolute unit of an Android figure measuring nearly 10 inches tall, and it's on sale for $27.

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