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Dead Trigger 2 Update Brings Arena Of Death, New Environments, New Zombies, And More

The one-stop zombie-slaying shop known as Dead Trigger 2 has just gotten an update that adds a whole new game mode. If you're always running low on the in-game currency in Dead Trigger 2, maybe the Arena of Death will please you. This is a wave-based game mode where you can take out zombies and earn cash to spend in story mode. But that's not all – arena mode brings a raft of new content with it too.

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Dead Trigger 2 Holiday Update Brings Four New Weapons, One New Environment, And A Zombie In a Pear Tree

Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2 has remained near the top of the game charts on Android since its release a couple of months ago, and the developers continue to update it regularly. The last update focused on balance issues, but this one adds the most content yet, most notably the new China environment. This addition includes new Story and Warfare missions and extra challenges, plus Google Play Games achievements.


You also get several handfuls of melee weapons for when you inevitably run out of ammo and/or chickens.

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Dead Trigger 2 Gets An Update To 0.2.5 With New Missions, Gameplay Balance Tweaks, And Updated Rewards

Dead Trigger 2 is certainly one of the prettiest shooters on Android, and it also has one of the highest zombie densities of any game on Android. The developers have been pretty serious about adding new content and responding to player suggestions with past updates, and it's the same with today's. Version 0.2.5 has hit Google Play with some cool stuff and insights into the next update.


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Dead Trigger 2 Gets A Massive Update With Gameplay Balancing And Bug Fixes [Update: Compatibility Error Fixed]

The zombie slaying is about to get a bit better in the online world of Dead Trigger 2. A big update has hit the Play Store with a number of important tweaks. Better start mashing that update button.


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[New Game] Dead Trigger 2 Hits The Play Store, Time To Take On Some Bigger, Badder, Undead-ier Scum


Madfinger's Dead Trigger was undoubtedly one of last year's premier mobile games. It brought forth elements that were previously only seen on consoles: quality graphics, a decent storyline, and gameplay that involved more than throwing birds at a some repurposed Jenga blocks. It was (and still is), a gamer's game.

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Like with all popular games, we all expected a sequel. Something more immersive, with better gameplay, more features, a deeper storyline, and the like.

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Dead Trigger 2 Drops October 23, New Trailer To Get You In The Zombie-Killing Mood

Zombies are still cool, right? Even if they're not, Dead Trigger 2 could potentially tip the scales of trendiness in favor of the undead. The zombie shoot 'em up has been teased a few times, but now we've got a date. Madfinger Games will release Dead Trigger 2 on October 23 – just in time for Halloween.

The game will be optimized for Tegra 4 devices like the Shield and just announced Tegra Note devices, but any modern Android device should be able to get in on the fun.

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Madfinger Games Releases Dead Trigger 2 Details, Shows Off Tegra 4 Graphics On Video

Madfinger Games is hard at work on the follow up to one of last year's blockbuster mobile games. Dead Trigger 2 is nearing completion and the developers have decided to release a few new details and drop some impressive gameplay footage on us. The video demo shows the stark difference between Nvidia's last generation mobile chip and the new Tegra 4.

Dead Trigger 2 is going to behave more like a massive online RPG by encouraging cooperation with other players.

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