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'DC Universe' subscription service leaves beta, costs $8 a month

Back in June, Warner announced a new subscription service called 'DC Universe.' It includes a wide variety of new and old video content, digital comics, and an exclusive online store. To celebrate Batman Day, which is apparently a holiday, DC Universe is out of beta and available to everyone.

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Upcoming 'DC Universe' subscription will offer original shows, curated comics, movies, and more

Media companies are quickly learning that making your own subscription service can be a massive revenue source, even if there are only a few interesting titles on offer. Warner launched the Boomerang streaming service earlier last year with a wide library of classic and modern cartoons, and now the company is making another - 'DC Universe.'

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Superhero brawler Injustice 2 is now available on Android

The original Injustice game from DC and Warner Bros. was a surprisingly big hit with more than 10 million downloads and 4.4 stars in the Play Store. Now, the sequel is available after a long pre-registration period. The basic mechanics of Injustice 2 will be familiar to players of the first game, but so too will the in-app purchases.

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