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Dayframe Gets A Material Design Refresh And New Loop And Shuffle Options In Version 3.0

As we approach a year since the introduction of the Android L preview and Material Design, more and more apps of all shapes and sizes (figuratively speaking) are getting their acts together when it comes to the user interface. The latest is Dayframe, a favorite of desktop tablet users and Chromecast aficionados, which gets its paperrific update with version 3.0 today. The standard version is available in the Play Store, and the upgraded version is accessible via a $3 in-app purchase.

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Dayframe 2.3 Update Makes Chromecast Slideshow Feature Free For All Users, Coincides With 99 Cent Prime Sale

Using Dayframe to turn an Android tablet into a digital photo frame may not sound like the most affordable option out there, but at this point in time, more than a few of us have a couple old Honeycomb-era Android tablets lying around that aren't good for too much else. Following the introduction of Chromecast support in version 2.0 last month, it's pretty simple to turn your TV into one as well.

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Dayframe Hits v2.0 With Chromecast Support, A Revamped UI, And More [Update: Video And More Info On Prime Upgrade]

Update: Cloud.TV has clarified that it will unlock the Prime features for anyone who bought the old Prime unlocker, but does not have it installed. You just need to get in touch to make that happen. That sounds reasonable.

Update 2: Dayframe Prime unlocker app is back too.

Update 3: Google has asked Dayframe to pull Chromecast support for the time being until the official Play services SDK is out.

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[New App] DayFrame From Developer Of HD Widgets Cloud.TV Is A Cool Voice-Enabled Slideshow Dock App

The newest app from Cloud.TV is out in preview form, and it's already looking quite promising. You might know Cloud.TV from the wildly popular HD Widgets app. This time the dev is tackling dock apps with DayFrame. We've seen various photo frame and dock apps, but the way DayFrame integrates Google voice input is something new.

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The app can display photo streams from Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

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