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Google trademarks "WorldSense," possibly related to new standalone VR headset

Yesterday it was reported that Google could be planning to release a standalone VR headset at I/O this week, and now we may have further evidence in the form of a trademark filing at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Google has registered the term "WORLDSENSE," which we presume will be styled as either WorldSense or Worldsense. The filing, from 9th May 2017, states that it relates to computer hardware, computer software, and virtual reality headsets.

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Google rumored to announce standalone VR headset at I/O 2017

At last year's I/O, Google dipped its toe into the virtual reality waters by announcing Daydream (above). Like Gear VR before it, Daydream requires a phone to be inserted into a headset to operate. However, Variety is reporting that Google is set to unveil a VR headset that is completely standalone—no phone required.

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Atop the Wizard's Tower is a VR tower defense game from the maker of Ski Safari

Some may say VR is dying or never had a chance, but if you look at all of the recent Daydream releases on Android in the last few months, you have to wonder if the naysayers are wrong. From the creators of Ski Safari, Atop the Wizard's Tower is a new VR tower defense game available on the Play Store for Daydream devices.

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Ubisoft brings Hungry Shark VR to Daydream

If your worst nightmare is facing a shark while being helpless at sea then swimming as fast as you can only to be eaten by it, then you might be getting a bit of reverse revenge with this new VR game on Daydream. Or maybe your fears will get more solidified. But what's for sure is that you will be able to experience it all in a more immersive way than any movie scene.

In Hungry Shark, you play as the shark. That's right, you're the good guy here and you have to fight those terrifying jellyfish and nasty human divers. There are three different mission types like eating as much as you can, racing, and rescuing your shark friends, and they all take place in a 360-degree huge underwater setting where you're free to move, explore, and hunt.

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Mozilla's experimental Servo engine adds WebVR support with Daydream VR

WebVR is quickly gaining support across multiple browsers, including Google Chrome and Samsung's Browser. Firefox supports WebVR on mobile and the desktop, but now Mozilla's experimental 'Servo' engine will work with virtual reality content too.

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Google expands WebVR to Google Cardboard, adds 12 new WebVR demos to try out

Today, Google took another step forward in its efforts to expand the availability of VR. Back in February, we reported that Chrome 56 added support for WebVR, but it was restricted to those with Daydream-ready phones. Now, the platform has opened to all Android phones compatible with Google Cardboard. Taking advantage of WebVR, you can access a variety of experimental VR experiences through the Chrome web browser on your phone or computer.

To make these VR worlds more easily accessible, Google launched a web page today where developers can showcase their creations. The page, when accessed with your phone or computer, provides a selection of experiences that users can click through to activate.

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Google posts changelogs for Daydream and Daydream Keyboard v1.4

Google's Daydream VR has been available for a few months now, but there have only been a handful of updates. A new version of Daydream and the Daydream Keyboard started rolling out the other day, but as usual, Google didn't update the changelogs right away. Now, Google has been so gracious as to update said changelogs.

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Daydream VR support is absent on the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Google initially spearheaded virtual reality on Android with Google Cardboard, which evolved into the more complete Daydream VR platform. Unlike Cardboard, which could start on any somewhat-recent Android or iOS device, Daydream support requires the phone manufacturer and Google to make sure everything works.

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Weekend poll: Do you regularly use VR?

2017 is supposed to be the year of VR. (Or was it 2016?) As such, I'm curious how many of you are doing your virtual duty to the tech trend overlords and engaging with this content. Mobile VR headsets are all the rage right now, with players coming out of the woodwork all over the place in an effort to get in on the ground floor of the VR revolution.

Except, I'm curious if you, bleeding-edge tech enthusiasts, actually even care about or use VR (or, have used it more than a handful of times after relegating your headset to an indefinite residence in the closet).

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Daydream VR games on sale for 50% off: Gunjack 2, Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, and Need for Speed No Limits

Gaming is one of the primary use cases for virtual reality, but man, those VR games are expensive. Spending $10-20 for a mobile VR game is a tough sell, but there's a sale on three of the top Daydream games today to make VR gaming a little more palatable. Gunjack 2, Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, and Need for Speed No Limits are all 50% off.

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