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Daydream and Daydream Keyboard updated to v1.6 with new languages, better punctuation layout, and more

Google announced a new standalone VR platform at I/O this year, but it's not stopping work on the existing Daydream apps and services. There's an update rolling out today to Daydream and the Daydream Keyboard. Both have version number 1.6, but only the keyboard has anything interesting in the changelog.

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Google releases Daydream Elements, a new demo app for best VR practices

If you're considering building a new VR game or app experience, you may be facing new challenges in how to create realistic scenes, how to move your characters across space without dizzying the player, and how to choose between click and gesture controls depending on what's best for your setting.

Daydream Elements is a new open-source app by Google that provides tech demos for many scenarios regarding these 3 areas: locomotion, menus and virtual controls, and rendering and lighting. There's also a full documentation page with explanations and details on each aspect, plus the source code on GitHub, so you should have everything at your disposal.

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Google is preparing Daydream 2.0, Chrome VR, and new tools for virtual/augmented reality developers

In all of the hubbub of yesterday's I/O keynote, Google took some time to mention a few changes and additions coming to Daydream and Tango, its virtual and augmented reality platforms respectively. While we got some interesting news about Standalone and WorldSense, Google has revealed more information about what we can expect from the future of VR/AR.

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Daydream comes to the Galaxy S8 this summer, a future LG phone later this year

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 with support for the Gear VR (obviously), but Google's VR platform got the cold shoulder. The GS8 could have had both if Samsung wanted, and Samsung and Google have apparently come to an understanding. Yes, Daydream is coming to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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Google announces Daydream standalone VR headsets with beacon-free position tracking, HTC Vive and Lenovo onboard

VR has slowed in both improvements and public excitement recently. But that hasn't stopped Google from bettering its Daydream platform, its take on so-called "smartphone VR." Like Samsung's version, Daydream requires a phone to operate. As cool as this was, it led to some issues, notably battery life and heat. During this year's I/O keynote, Google announced the Standalone VR headsets that were rumored yesterday. As the name suggests, these devices won't require a phone to operate.

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Google releases new Daydream sensory demo, Audio Factory

A new app named Audio Factory for Daydream VR devices has just been released by Google. It appears to be a demonstration meant to show off their new spatial audio engine for future Daydream products. Perhaps we might have some more news about it at I/O, but for now, it's just a way to check out Google's latest audio VR tech in what looks to be a nifty way.

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Google trademarks "WorldSense," possibly related to new standalone VR headset

Yesterday it was reported that Google could be planning to release a standalone VR headset at I/O this week, and now we may have further evidence in the form of a trademark filing at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Google has registered the term "WORLDSENSE," which we presume will be styled as either WorldSense or Worldsense. The filing, from 9th May 2017, states that it relates to computer hardware, computer software, and virtual reality headsets.

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Google rumored to announce standalone VR headset at I/O 2017

At last year's I/O, Google dipped its toe into the virtual reality waters by announcing Daydream (above). Like Gear VR before it, Daydream requires a phone to be inserted into a headset to operate. However, Variety is reporting that Google is set to unveil a VR headset that is completely standalone—no phone required.

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Atop the Wizard's Tower is a VR tower defense game from the maker of Ski Safari

Some may say VR is dying or never had a chance, but if you look at all of the recent Daydream releases on Android in the last few months, you have to wonder if the naysayers are wrong. From the creators of Ski Safari, Atop the Wizard's Tower is a new VR tower defense game available on the Play Store for Daydream devices.

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Ubisoft brings Hungry Shark VR to Daydream

If your worst nightmare is facing a shark while being helpless at sea then swimming as fast as you can only to be eaten by it, then you might be getting a bit of reverse revenge with this new VR game on Daydream. Or maybe your fears will get more solidified. But what's for sure is that you will be able to experience it all in a more immersive way than any movie scene.

In Hungry Shark, you play as the shark. That's right, you're the good guy here and you have to fight those terrifying jellyfish and nasty human divers. There are three different mission types like eating as much as you can, racing, and rescuing your shark friends, and they all take place in a 360-degree huge underwater setting where you're free to move, explore, and hunt.

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