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Replacement Daydream View Facepads now sold on the Google Store

Google's Daydream View VR headset was released last year alongside the Pixel phones. One of the headset's features is the removable facepad, which you can hand wash occasionally to keep the headset clean. If something happens to the facepad, or maybe you just want a spare, Google is now selling them separately for $14.99.

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[Update: it's gone] LEGO jumps into the virtual reality game with Brickheadz for Daydream VR

As virtual reality becomes more and more mainstream, brands are slowly realizing its potential to market to consumers. LEGO is the latest company to do this, releasing Brickheadz, a VR app for Google's Daydream platform and accompanying headset, to the Play Store in 'unreleased' beta state. If you're unaware, as I was, Brickheadz is a LEGO range released earlier this year with blocky characters, using Marvel and DC super heroes.

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5 makes an extremely disorienting Daydream VR version of Home Run Derby

For the uninitiated, the Home Run Derby is an annual competition for Major League Baseball players celebrating the sport's most explosive play. The MLB already publishes an official game based on the yearly contest, a full 3D affair with licensed player likenesses and $100 in-app purchases, for Android phones and tablets. But it looks like they've decided to join the early ranks of developers officially supporting the Daydream VR system.

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Daydream View review: A step in the right direction for mobile VR, but not a big one

Google's Daydream View serves as the gateway into Google's mobile VR platform, Daydream. The viewer itself, though, is what has received the lion's share of attention thus far, likely owing to our fascination with its genuinely charming design and unique wireless controller (well, unique-ish). It is, I wager, all but impossible not to love the fabric-wrapped, gentle curves and elegantly blended material aesthetic of the View headset. I hope Google wins some kind of award for it, because they deserve one - the Daydream View is Google industrial design at its most endearing. But enough about the way it looks: what's it do?

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Google Arts & Culture VR app is now available [APK Download]

If you've been craving a bit of culture for your VR viewing pleasure, Google has you covered. Like many other apps, Arts & Culture VR is going live to prepare for the Daydream headsets. As the name would suggest, this app is meant for those who want to view works of art from museums around the world. While I may be no art fanatic, I would definitely appreciate this.

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Play Movies & TV v3.20 prepares a theater mode for Daydream, possibly also supports Cardboard [APK Teardown]

Hopefully you're not sick of hearing about Daydream just yet, because the line of apps supporting it at launch is still growing. There's a new version of Play Movies & TV rolling out to users, and while you can't see the evidence in the UI just yet (at least I can't), it joins in the parade of apps that give the new and improved virtual reality viewer something to do. But this teardown also brings a few additional treats and unexpected details. As always, you can grab the latest apk from the download link at the bottom.

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Google VR Services gets an update in preparation for Daydream VR

Daydream VR was revealed alongside the Pixel phones and Google Home last month, but while those other things began to ship, news surrounding Google's latest virtual reality headset remained sparse. However, the Mountain View-based company has just pushed an update to Google VR Services, the framework needed for Daydream VR to work with the Pixel and Pixel XL.

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Some Daydream View VR headsets are already shipping out, but the necessary Play Store app is missing

Well here's a bit of a buzzkill from Google. The much-ballyhooed Daydream View VR headset, set for launch later this month and currently only compatible with the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, appears to be shipping out early to at least some users. Despite the fact that the View isn't supposed to be hitting mailboxes until November 10th, Android Police reader Sean Hunter received his today. But he can't play with it yet, and neither can anyone else who's received their VR headsets early.

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Google and Warner Bros. let muggles hunt for Fantastic Beasts in Search, Maps, Daydream, and Allo

There's a new Harry Potter spinoff hitting movie theaters soon, in case you haven't turned on a television, surfed the web, or looked at a billboard in the last few months. And because Warner Bros. isn't interested in making a new movie without the potential for yet another billion-dollar set of sequels, they're pulling out all of the stops for the marketing for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. That includes some new Easter eggs (do wizards celebrate Easter? Maybe chocolate frogs or something) in Google Search, Maps, and the upcoming Daydream VR platform.

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Google's Daydream View officially available on November 10th

You've been able to order a Daydream View from the Google store for a while now, but we didn't know when units would actually ship. Now, Google has given an exact date—Daydream View is officially launching on November 10th.

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