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The official Daydream app is up on the Play Store

A lucky few Pixel owners are already receiving their Daydream View phone headsets, but most pre-orders will be shipped starting tomorrow. Along with a few other vendors, Google is preparing for the launch by getting the official Daydream app good and ready. It's up on the Play Store right now, and if for some reason you can't access that, we have a copy over on APK Mirror too.

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CNN VR, Fantastic Beasts, Mekorama VR, and 4 other Daydream experiences now available before the official launch

Did you buy a Daydream View headset or did you get one for free with your Pixel or Pixel XL preorder? Then the moment to have it in your hands is getting ever nearer. Units will be available tomorrow, November 10, that's if you haven't already received your order prematurely by mistake.

In preparation for the launch, there are new apps and games available on the Play Store that are compatible with Google's new virtual reality platform. Here are the ones we've already discovered; let us know if there are more that we haven't mentioned.

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