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Google Maps revamps navigation settings, lets you force the dark color scheme all the time

Google Maps keeps on rolling one change after the other. In October alone, we've seen the new Commute tab and music controls, overhauled hotel listings, star ratings on the map, EV charging stationsdish tagging, and more. But there's one more change that was spotted a couple of weeks ago that we would have missed if it weren't for our active tipsters: a revamped settings screen for navigation.

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[Updated With #10] Android Market "10 Billion Promo" Day Two Deals: Beautiful Widgets, Fruit Ninja, Reckless Racing, AirSync, And More Just 10¢ Each

It's day two of the Market's "10 Billion Promo," in which 10 different apps are offered for 10 days at just $0.10 each. While the official page listing still shows yesterday's deals, a little digging by redditors has revealed 9 of today's 10:

Update: And the 10th app is... Bedtime Battle!

We have yet to figure out what the last one is, and Google has yet to update the promo page, but we'll be sure to update this post when we have more information.

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[Deal Alert] Memorial Day Sale

Update Memorial Day: Well, Amazon prices didn't drop today. Our Amazon rep hasn't gotten back to us to confirm, but @AmazonWireless has tweeted that the "all 4G phones free" sale wasn't real, so I'm writing off the Amazon part of this sale as a hoax. :(

Deals - we got 'em. While Amazon is having their own Memorial Day Android handset sale over at Amazon Wireless, wasn't about to be outdone. Here's the most relevant (not all-inclusive) deals, including the 20% off coupon code for Verizon phones (the code is: 7c7f3319) (prices that beat Amazon's are italicized, and we've provided Amazon's prices for comparison).

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Angry Birds Seasons Updates For St. Patrick's Day, Brings The Drunken Heat To The Pigs

If you haven't checked the Android Market for updates recently, you may not have noticed that Angry Birds Seasons updated to incorporate St. Patrick's Day into its pig-smashing holiday repertoire.  Now you'll have something for your non-beer-holding hand to do while you pound those green brews (or green McDonald's milk shakes, for you youngins) during everyone's favorite celebration of superfluous, oddly-colored beer imbibition. They've re-done all the characters and levels in the usual Seasons fashion, and, honestly, this is one of my personal favorites:

snap20110310_233343 snap20110310_233449

snap20110310_233458 snap20110310_233508

snap20110310_233515 snap20110310_233557

You can grab it right now from the Android Market:

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Seasons
Price: To be announced

As a rule, I don't condone drunken bird-throwing but, because it's a holiday, I may just make an exception.

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