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Google announces Data Saver mode for Android TV

What happens if you want to watch something on the big screen, but your main source of internet is your phone, and you don't want to max out your available data? That's enough of a problem in India that Google is addressing it with a new Data Saver mode for Android TV, which is now rolling out in India and will come to more regions soon.

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Chrome's data saver is now 'Lite mode,' still not coming to desktop


Google Duo rolls out better data saver mode for mobile and WiFi connections

On the scale of online data-hungry activities, video chatting is certainly high up. Not only are you receiving video, you're also sending it, which puts a toll on your connection and consumes your gee-bees. Google's Duo used to offer a setting to limit mobile data usage, but is now rolling a new Data saving mode that works on both mobile and WiFi connections.

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Chrome 73 adds HTTPS support to Data Saver, improves media playback on PCs, and more [APK Download]

Among the frenzy around Android Q, Google released another update for one of its major products. Chrome 73 started rolling out on desktop platforms a few days ago, and it's just starting to appear on Android. There are plenty of improvements for both desktop and mobile users, so let's get into it!

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Chrome's Data Saver now works with HTTPS pages

For years, Chrome for Android has had a Data Saver feature. However, it never worked on secure (HTTPS) pages, so it has become somewhat irrelevant as most sites move away from insecure HTTP connections. Starting with Chrome 73, which is about to start rolling out on Android, Data Saver now supports HTTPS sites.

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Google Duo v43 drops some colors, prepares sharing pre-recorded videos, data saving mode, and an email blocklist [APK Teardown]

Google Duo is getting an update today, and you'll actually see some changes if you install it, even though it's really just to remove colors from the Settings screen. However, a teardown shows there's actually a lot more coming in the future, including the ability to block email, a data saver mode, and maybe even the ability to show previously recorded videos to other people.

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Google's data-saving Datally app adds guest mode, daily data limits, and more

Datally, Google's app that aims to reduce your mobile data consumption, launched in the Philippines about a year ago as Triangle. It got its current name and global availability last November. Now, Google's updated the app with a few new features, including setting data limits for guest users of your device and daily data limits for yourself.

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Google app v7.3 beta prepares for podcast subscriptions, data saver for Now Cards, and more [APK Teardown]

Version 7.3 of the Google app began rolling out to users in the beta channel earlier today. There are a few odd little changes to be found poking around in the UI, like a new menu shortcut on many of the Assistant settings screens that leads to the Activity Controls settings, but it's all pretty innocuous. We'll surely see more significant features going live as Google activates them remotely over the coming weeks™. Nevertheless, there are some interesting things to be found during the course of a teardown.

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Opera Max 3.0 brings new UI with data-saving tips and Facebook tools

The Opera Max VPN is a pretty popular app, and yesterday it was updated with a few snazzy new tools. In addition to basic VPN abilities, version 3 introduces a fancy new design and will offer users new tips to maximize their data savings. The app also has a new data-saving tool specifically for Facebook, in the form of its own built-in Facebook web app.

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Facebook tests a data saver option in Messenger

Data savers are becoming something of a trend, with Google recently adding one to Android and Facebook following with the main Facebook app. The company obviously liked the idea, because it seems it's testing a data saving feature for Messenger as well, which should reduce the amount of data the app consumes.

Data saver, which can be found in the app's settings area, reduces the amount of data used when looking at pictures of videos that have been sent to you. It does this by enabling click-to-download on said items, instead of automatically downloading when they are received. This only occurs when using cellular data; if the device is connected to a WiFi network, the app will continue to download pictures and videos when they are received.

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