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Android 7.1.2 beta 2 separates the 'R' roaming indicator from your data connection, allowing you to see what type of connection you're on

Roaming isn't something that those of us who live in more populated areas encounter often, but it can be a common occurrence for people in more rural or less-developed places (or Europe, as many of you have pointed out). Android has always been pretty terrible at showing what kind of data connection you're roaming on in the status bar; thankfully, the latest 7.1.2 Nougat beta has brought this much-needed, yet simple update to this indicator.

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Nexus 6 data outage fixed by Google, caused by GPS

After a few days of data connectivity hell for some Nexus 6 owners, it seems that Google corrected the issue on the back end. Comments on a post in the r/Nexus6 subreddit indicate that most people have had their LTE data connection restored by this fix; however, many are reporting that they addressed it themselves by changing the APN settings or by updating their Google Connectivity Services through the Play Store.

As of now, it is unclear how exactly the issue was solved, but a Google employee named Orrin (u/GoogleNexusCM) posted an update on both r/Nexus6 and the Nexus Help Forum on Google's Product Forums.

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[Update: Resolved] Some Nexus 6 owners report data outages on T-Mobile

The Nexus 6 isn't exactly a smash hit of a device - between a niche target audience, an unusually large form factor, and a high initial retail price, it hasn't gotten the same warm reception as some other designs in the line. But there are still plenty of Android faithful using "Shamu," and more than a few of them using it on T-Mobile... including multiple Android Police writers. Since the beginning of August, a considerable number of those N6 users on T-Mobile have been experiencing serious connection issues.

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Call Blocking Is Now Automatically Disabled For 48 Hours After You Call An Emergency Number

Apparently if you call an emergency number from your Android device, you can't block calls for the next 48 hours.

We don't know why this is the case, though we imagine it may be to prevent you from blocking your local police department or other emergency personnel.

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Opera Max 'Global' Gets A New App Listing, New UI, And The Ability To Specify Data Saving Settings For Wi-Fi And Mobile

Opera Max debuted on Android way back in December of 2013. Today it gets a major update - major enough, at least, that Opera thinks it's worth putting into a completely new app listing. Here's the original Opera Max, and here's the new "global" version (from the file name). The biggest visual change is a spiffy new interface with a bunch of Material Design elements. And that's nice, but what's really interesting is the ability to select specific settings for Wi-Fi or mobile (3G and LTE) connections.

2015-05-26 19.44.30 2015-05-26 19.49.59 2015-05-26 19.44.13

Opera Max isn't a browser, it's an app that allows users to apply Opera's VPN and data compression technology to all of the non-encrypted data sent or received by an Android device.

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Some Nexus 6 Owners Are Reporting Total Mobile Data Connection Failures

As the de facto flagship phone for Android (or at least that portion of Android that isn't covered in Samsung logos), the Nexus 6 gets an inordinate amount of attention. That's not always a good thing, especially when the hardware and/or software exhibits major flaws or defects. For example: a considerable number of users are reporting a total failure of their phone's mobile data connection. The problem is occurring on multiple software versions and across different carriers and locations.

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This Is Why Your Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Or Other 4G LTE VZW Phone) Is Losing Its Data Connection

After months of wondering and looking around for answers, we think we've finally found out why all of Verizon's 4G LTE phones (and modems / USB dongles) are having data connectivity issues, and it's a wee-bit technical even for us, but we'll do our best. This information has been gathered from various comments and forums across the net, so, take us at our word here.

When Verizon launched its LTE network in November of 2010, it was the first time the carrier had utilized a GSM-based (WCDMA, as opposed to CDMA2000) network in the United States. All Verizon phones and data-enabled devices had previously run on CDMA2000 connections - the network responsible for Verizon's 3G and 2G data.

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Dear Verizon: Your 4G Phones Have Data Connectivity Problems, And It’s Really Pissing Everyone Off

When I switched from AT&T from Verizon and swapped my aging, battered, and bruised Nexus One for a DROID BIONIC, the possibility of buyer’s remorse was not on my mind. I was coming from AT&T - America’s single least reliable network in terms of dropped calls. So, I thought the last thing I’d end up doing was wishing I was back there. And now, at least part of me does.

If you own a Verizon 4G LTE handset, you’ve probably experienced an issue exactly or approximately like this one: You put your phone in your pocket or let it sit overnight, take it out some time later or the next morning, and there’s no data connection.

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