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Big Opera Mini 15 Update Adds Video Boosting, SD Card Support, Automatic Status Bar Color Changes, More

If you live somewhere where a fast, reliable, and cheap internet connection isn't a given, or if you own a smartphone that crawls at the mere sight of a 5MB+ app, there's no arguing the benefits of Opera Mini as a go-to browser. The app also gets very frequent updates that improve its usability, like a QR code reader, night mode, different data compression modes, and more. Now Opera Mini is ready to join its big brother by adding the video compression feature that Opera users have been enjoying for the past months.

Opera uses its own Rocket Optimizer technology to compress up to 60% of video data, which results in faster loading and less consumed bandwidth.

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Chrome Data Saver Now Shaves Off Up To 70% Data By Loading Images On Demand On Slow Connections

Chrome introduced its data saving feature many versions of the app ago, but if you've kept it enabled on your device(s), you must have noticed that it's not exactly that efficient. It saves somewhere between 10 and 20% of your data, but that's not going to make a big difference if you're on a very slow network or a very limited plan. If you're suffering from the former, you'll be happy to know that Data Saver is going to get better.

The updated data saver mode can save up to 70% of your bandwidth by not loading a webpage's images when you're on a slow connection.

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Opera Max Starts Compressing Data On Three More Music Services: YouTube Music, Saavn, And Gaana

Whether you're on a small data plan, in an area with limited internet speeds, or your unlimited data plan has switched you to slow speeds after you ran through your fair use allotment, there's always a need for an app that can compress your transfers and save you time and data while you continue to use your device as usual. Opera Max is that app, it goes through all of your traffic and tries to save as many bytes as possible. And now it's getting even more effective at that.

Last month, Opera Max added music compression on a couple of services: Pandora, Slacker, and SoundCloud.

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Opera Max Now Compresses Audio From Pandora, SoundCloud, And Slacker

Opera Max isn't a browser. It's an Android utility that works in the background to apply the same data compression you've come to expect from Opera's regular and Mini browsers, except it does it on all of (or most of) your apps without you having to worry about a thing.

A couple of months ago, it added support for video compression from YouTube and Netflix, and now it's tackling another culprit of data consumption: audio. The three apps that Opera Max' compression algorithms will take care of are Pandora, SoundCloud, and Slacker. You won't have to do a thing for this to work.

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Opera Mini 11 Introduces High And Extreme Data Savings Modes For A Choice Between Richer Or Faster Web Browsing

Opera Mini's claim to fame, beside its low footprint, has been its ability to compress data on its servers and serve websites to you faster and with lesser bytes than more traditional browsers. If you're on an unreliable internet connection, in an area with nothing but GPRS or Edge, or with an operator that charges you for your consumed Megabytes as if they were rare diamonds, Opera Mini was and still is essentially your safest bet.

The app is getting even better today thanks to the version 11 update. Instead of a single Data Savings mode, there are two. Extreme is what Opera Mini has used before: it significantly compresses websites and images. High is the new addition: it shrinks the size of images and sites, but not as much as the Extreme mode, allowing for a richer and fuller web experience.

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