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AT&T giving users on select plans a bump to data caps and overage speeds

AT&T subscribers on the company's Mobile Share Advantage Plus plans will be getting a bit more data for the same price soon. Messages are being sent out to "select" qualifying subscribers notifying them of the change. Eligible customers with one of the 32 or 50GB plans will be bumped up to 40 or 65GB, respectively, at no additional charge.

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T-Mobile will limit LTE roaming in Canada and Mexico to 5GB starting November 12

One of T-Mobile's big "uncarrier" moves was to offer international roaming data to most customers for free. However, Canada and Mexico were special cases where you'd get full-speed LTE data on most plans. There wasn't any special limit on that data, which was remarkably generous—too generous, it would seem. T-Mobile is rolling that feature back and limiting LTE to 5GB per month in those countries.

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Project Fi app now shows live data use and per-app breakdown

Project Fi subscribers are getting a new tool to track data usage today. A post in the Fi sub-Reddit by the verified Google community manager account says data tracking will now update live, and that usage will be broken out by app. It's all live right now—just open the app and check it out.

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Verizon expected to increase data caps and prices on July 7

It seems like Verizon can't go more than a few months lately without making tweaks to its plans. According to recent leaks, Big Red is preparing to increase data caps across the board (yay), but that also comes with price increases (boo). The rumored changes are expected on July 7th.

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Netflix Rolls Mobile Data Saver Out Globally Right On Time

Netflix recently noted that it has been throttling data on carriers like AT&T that have overage charges, but that was just a temporary measure. The company had planned to roll its mobile data saver feature out to everyone in May, and here we are. The feature should be live for everyone right now, no update needed.

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T-Mobile's Binge On Adds Support For YouTube, Google Play Movies, And More

One of the loudest voices of criticism when T-Mobile launched Binge On was none other than Google, but it would appear the two companies have patched things up. T-Mobile just announced a big expansion of Binge On support, and among the new options are both YouTube and Google Play Movies.

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Verizon Now Offering Extra 2GB Of Monthly Data For Upgrading Or Activating An XL Or XXL Data Plan

Verizon is continuing to tweak its offerings to better compete with the upstart T-Mobile, this time offering bonus data for anyone who signs up for its larger data plans. For a limited time, you can get 2GB of extra data each month when you sign up for the XL or XXL data buckets. If you've got more than one phone on your account, they each earn the bonus 2GB.

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YouTube Isn't Happy With T-Mobile's "Binge On" Video Quality Throttling, According To WSJ

T-Mobile has made some big changes in the last few years, but the way it manages data caps has worried some net neutrality advocates. Its last big announcement was Binge On, which exempts services like Netflix, Hulu, and others from data caps, but YouTube has now started complaining that T-Mobile throttles all video regardless of its participation in the program.

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Verizon Is Offering 2GB Of Additional Data For Life If You Sign Up For Its Largest Data Buckets Before January 6th

Verizon completely revamped its plans a few months ago when it ditched contracts with the aim of making the options easier to understand. Verizon's data is still more expensive than some carriers, but there's a holiday promotion that might make the cost more justifiable. If you sign up for one of Verizon's two highest data tiers, you can get 2GB of free data on each of your lines forever.

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Eleven More Streaming Services Added To T-Mobile Music Freedom Including TuneIn Premium

T-Mobile announced a big expansion to its Music Freedom deal today with 11 more streaming services. That means you won't use any of your data allotment to listen to these 11 services, some of which you might even have heard of. Really, most of them are pretty obscure. Good on T-Mobile for keeping Music Freedom open, I guess.

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