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Facebook Analytics is now available on the Play Store

Facebook Analytics, a tool that helps brands measure things like customer engagement, now has its own app. The service offers insights into user demographics, app usage, and more, and can even send push notifications when significant anomalies from normal user activity occur.

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Sheets Will Find Interesting Trends In Your Data Automatically With New 'Explore' Function In Latest Update, Several Other New Features Included Too [APK Download]

Anyone who has to pore over data on a regular basis knows that it's a best practice to look at some graphs, run basic descriptive statistics, and just generally play around to make sure you aren't missing anything obvious and to assure yourself that there are no mistakes in data entry. This can get really repetitive and sometimes corners get cut. Google is trying to make it easier for you as they have automated the process in Sheets for Android and the web.

All you have to do in the Android app is tap "Explore" in the overflow menu. After that, you'll be presented with a series of charts with summary information to let you know what Google thought you would find interesting.

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