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Myki review: A great offline password manager with the convenience of a cloud solution

Password managers are becoming more and more of a hot topic nowadays. We live a lot of our lives online and that requires a growing number of accounts and identities; yet with multiplying security risks and hacks popping up left and right, it's crucial to use a password manager to stay on top of your login details. Most managers fall in one of two categories: the cloud solutions like LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane, or the local solutions with a cloud backup option like Enpass (my personal favorite) or SafeInCloud or Keepass. Myki straddles the line between the two, being neither this nor that, but having resemblances to both, plus some very unique attributes that make it intriguing...

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Dashlane 6 adds Identity Dashboard with new security and monitoring features

Dashlane is a fairly popular password management app, but now the company behind it is looking to branch out in other methods of security. The new Dashlane 6 expands beyond simple password management with the Identity Dashboard, a place to monitor your digital identity for things like theft, fraud, and other risks.

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[Deal Alert] Get 50% off a Dashlane password manager premium membership, plus 10% off with coupon

In this day and age of privacy and security concerns, having strong unique passwords across the different sites and services you use is essential. Remembering them all can be a hassle, if not impossible, so that's why password managers are crucial. I use Enpass and I'm checking out Myki, but depending on your needs, you may find you prefer LastPass or Dashlane among others. We're here to talk about the latter: StackSocial is offering a 50% off discount on a Dashlane premium membership, and you can get another 10% off with a coupon code.

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Password manager Dashlane wants to kill passwords in 2018

Dashlane is one of several popular password managers that aims to make remembering long passwords a thing of the past. However, Dashlane now says it wants to make passwords themselves a thing of the past, too. The company has announced "Project Mirror," a service that will somehow eliminate your passwords. Dashlane is a little vague on the specifics, but the first piece of the puzzle is launching very soon.

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Dashlane 5.0 adds Oreo autofill support, two factor code generation, and more

Password manager Dashlane has been beta testing support for Oreo's autofill feature, and now the testing is over. Dashlane 5 is rolling out with support for autofill in Android 8.0, but that's not all. The new app can also act as a mobile authenticator and there are more languages.

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[1Change ManyDeceits] 1Password betrayed users, disappointed security experts by moving from license and local storage to monthly cloud subscription

For as long as I remember, 1Password has been a popular albeit expensive password management solution. Before LastPass and Dashlane came into the picture, most password managers relied on an encrypted locally stored file that you could only open with a master password if you had physical access to the device it was saved on, with clunky manual syncing options between different devices. There were no subscription models (you just paid for the app), no cloud storage, and no security risks unless your device itself was compromised. 1Password kept that model for years, adding some cloud syncing solutions like Dropbox for those who didn't want to keep manually syncing their file, but sticking with the app-based pricing.

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Dashlane and Google introduce the 'Open YOLO' password manager API

Passwords are lame, but they're currently the best way we have to secure online accounts. There's plenty of advice out there about how to make passwords more secure like not reusing them across sites, choosing longer passwords, using special characters, and so on. Of course, that makes passwords more annoying. Now, Dashlane and Google have teamed up to create a new password management API called Open YOLO—that's You Only Login Once, not the other YOLO. The intention is to make passwords easier and faster.

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Dashlane 4.0 Introduces A Cross-Platform Redesign And Five New Languages

With LogMeIn having recently bought Lastpass, more than a few people are looking for a replacement. Dashlane is another password manager to consider, and today the company is rolling out version 4.0. The big focus with this release is a design that's consistent across platforms. Whether you sign in from Android, iOS, PC, or Mac, you should encounter a similar user experience.

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[Deal Alert] Get Enpass Password Manager's $9.99 Pro License For Free Today

When we wrote about our favorite apps to use during 2015, one of my picks was Enpass Password Manager. Many of you had lots of questions about that choice, asking me to explain my reasoning behind not liking LastPass or to compare Enpass to other similar solutions. If you were intrigued by Enpass then and wanted to either give it a try or at least look into how it works, now's your chance to do so. Enpass' Pro mobile license is free to unlock today on Android and all I can say is that I've been happy with it for almost a year and I don't regret plucking the full $9.99.

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