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Owl Car Cam review: An expensive LTE-powered dashcam with quite a few flaws

99% of dashcams on the market follow the same formula: a suction/clip-in mount on the top, microSD storage, and power drawn from your car's cigarette lighter. The Owl Car Cam, however, completely bucks that trend; it mounts differently, stores clips differently, and is powered differently. It's been out since late March, though Android support was only added a couple of months ago.

The Car Cam is certainly a well-made piece of hardware, and it might be well-suited for your needs. It does a lot of things that other dashcams can't do, but given its $349 price, it'd be shameful if it didn't.

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VAVA Dash Cam 2K review: Good value, but not the best

The dashcam market is pretty saturated these days, with products ranging in price from $9 (yes, $9) all the way up to $600 or so. As a result, it can be pretty difficult to even get started with your search without being blasted with options. In the ~$100 price range, we've already checked out Anker's Roav C1 Pro and C2 Pro, which we found to be solid offerings.

This time around, we're checking out a dashcam from one of Anker's direct competitors: RAVPower (which owns VAVA). VAVA's Dash Cam 2K can record higher-resolution video than most at this price point, but sacrifices some features to keep costs competitive.

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Owl Car Cam lets you keep an eye on your car from the comfort of your Android phone

There's no shortage of dashcam brands and companies nowadays, but very few of them offer LTE connectivity for easy remote access to videos, alerts, and livestreams. Owl Car Cam is one of them and now it also works on Android, after being compatible with iOS only at launch.

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Anker Roav C1 Pro & C2 Pro review: Not your average dashcams

Everyone knows you should keep a spare tire in the trunk of your car, and possibly tools like jumper cables and scissor jacks. Dashcams can be just as helpful as those, but many American drivers never install one. This can be for many different reasons — most them are ugly, the driver thinks they don't need one, and so on.

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The JBL Smartbase is a souped-up phone dock for cars, complete with Google Now integration

At the moment there are two approaches to staying connected to your digital world while driving: a dedicated vehicle system with a permanent screen, or a phone in a car dock. (Or you could just be a dangerous jerk and use your phone in your hands while you're driving, I suppose.) JBL would like to offer a more elegant alternative: the Smartbase. This gadget combines a phone dock, wireless charger, and an external speaker for hands-free calls. Even better, it works with existing voice control and safety services - Google Now on Android and Siri on iOS.

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Nexar turns any Android phone into an always-on AR dashcam

A dashcam is one of those things that seems only slightly important until about five minutes after a fender-bender, wherein it becomes retroactively essential. Even so, those dashboard-mounted cameras don't grown on trees, so most cars in the US still aren't equipped with them. Nexar, a new Android app that's currently in "unreleased" status on the Play Store, aims to fix that. It turns any Android device into an AI-powered dash cam - all you need is Android 4.1 or later, a rear camera, and some way to mount it in your vehicle.

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