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Google rolls out redesigned, reorganized Assistant updates tab (Updated)

Google's new, less intrusive Assistant is already available on the Pixel 4, but the redesign it received has mostly affected the voice command interface. The updates tab, Google Now's spiritual successor, kept the same look. Now, Google appears to be testing an overhauled dashboard with more gradients and chronological organization.

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Digital Wellbeing goes into public beta on the Play Store

Android Pie is ready to look after your digital health, but only if you let it. The suite of features that were announced as part of Digital Wellbeing at I/O 2018 finally came to life when Pie 9.0 was released earlier this week, but you had to sign up for them, wait for an email, and then join the beta to get them on your device. Now, the process is much faster.

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Hands on with Android 9 Pie's Digital Wellbeing: Phone control for those without self-control

As they say, "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything." Most of us probably don't realize that there's more to the subject than just diet and exercise, and how we use our phones can have an impact, too. Once upon a time, our work/life balance was separated by real, physical distance, but thanks to the magic of mobile phones, we can all carry our work home with us in the form of life-interrupting notifications. That's not to mention social media's constant dopamine drip, which keeps us all scrolling like zombies and wasting away the best years of our life envying the lives of Instagram "influencers," or learning random, pointless facts from Reddit.

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Android Dashboard, App Timer, Wind Down, and new Do Not Disturb features will help look after your digital wellbeing

You would think that Google wants you on your phone as much as possible. That's where it can sell you ads and services in order to make money — that's its bread and butter. Yet Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a surprising announcement at Google I/O today. Upcoming new features in Android are going to help you get away from your phone and spend more time by yourself or with your family.

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Google Dashboard will soon work better on mobile devices

Google offers so many products and services, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Google tries to address this problem with Dashboard, a place to view all of your account's data in one place. But the page has never had a mobile layout, so trying to use it on phones has been somewhat of a pain.

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Google launches new vitals tools in the Play Console Dashboard to find and solve problems

In one more slice of I/O developer news, Google has launched another set of tools for developers using its Console Dashboard for apps on Google Play. The new tool automatically analyzes app reports to show developers pertinent info about app issues. This is the 2nd big feature about making app performance and bug fixing easier for developers after the new visual profiler tools in the latest preview of Android Studio.

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The Google app's dual-tab 'Upcoming' UI is now official, rolling out to all Android users

For months a small subset of Android users have been seeing a new dual-tabbed interface in the official Google search app's UI. The second tab, initially labelled "Dashboard" and then changed to an icon-only "Upcoming," is now official. Google announced the big change on its Keyword search blog, revealing that the feature should roll out to all Android users starting now, with the iOS version of the Search app following suit later.

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Fitbit's new Dashboard is available for preview in the latest app update

Fitbit's new dashboard design has been live on iOS for months now but our beloved Android platform was left in the cold waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting for the update to come. Well, the wait is over — almost. The Fitbit app has been updated on the Play Store and it includes a preview of the new Dashboard design. You will see a pink banner on top of the home screen offering you the option to try the new Dashboard. Once you tap it, you get a tutorial of all that will be changed with the new design.

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The Google app's second Dashboard tab gets renamed to "Upcoming," starts showing up for more users

Back in August, Google started testing out a second tab in the Google app and Google Now (RIP), dividing content between the main feed and a secondary one called Dashboard.

Over the past couple of weeks though, Google has been undergoing more tests with this tab and it seems that the team has now settled on a name and look and idea behind it. It's called "Upcoming" and the icon looks a little better than the previous one with the antenna.

There's a new blue overlay in the app to catch your attention toward the upcoming tab and once you open it, you'll see a few cards detailing what content will show up there.

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