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[Update: APK Download] Google Voice dark theme now rolling out on Android

Google Voice is the latest first-party app to get a dark theme option, joining the ranks of the Google Fi, Google, and Gmail. Announced today via its G Suites Updates blog, Google plans to roll out the feature within 15 days to all Android devices.

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Google Photos dark mode rolling out to Android Pie and Oreo

Google has been hard at work to give many of its apps (and Android itself) a dark mode – much to the universal joy of people annoyed by the company's move towards a more generous use of white space. Google Photos had one of the buggiest implementations of the new theme, as it only surfaced with a half-black, half-white interface on Android Q in the beginning and didn't even have a toggle to turn it on or off inside the app. By now, its UI problems are fixed, and thus, dark mode appears to be rolling out wider. It shows up for users on Android Pie and Oreo with their own system dark themes enabled.

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