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Instagram's dark mode is official for Android 10

After years of pining from enthusiasts, more and more Android apps are starting to get dark modes. Most of Google's offerings now have them available, and Nova Launcher just added official support yesterday. Instagram has now become the latest application with an official dark theme, though only for Android 10 (and iOS 13) for now.

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YouTube gets proper dark theme syncing on Android 10

While it took months, or even years to see adoption for various features and design language changes, support for dark theme in Android 10 has been moving along at an incredible rate. There are still plenty of apps to go, but it seems like a new one is popping up on the radar at a rate of two or more each week. Now it looks like YouTube is joining the fray, albeit cautiously, as reports are starting to come in that a few people are beginning to see dark theme applied automatically on their devices.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Messages v5.0 syncs dark mode with the Android 10 system theme, restores emoji shortcut

Android 10 may not have brought the most substantial changes the OS has ever seen, but some of the new features have certainly been popular with users. Among those is a system-wide setting for dark mode, which allows apps to automatically switch their color palette to match. This still requires apps to actually support the mode switch, and as of the latest release of Google Messages, there is one more that has made the change.

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Dark mode comes to Google Duo on Android

Another day, another Google app getting a dark mode. Today's honors go to Google Duo, which appears to have received its splash of dark via a server-side switch — the app's latest update rolled out a few days ago, but it didn't have the theme back then.

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Google Play Books 5.4 adds a dark mode [APK Download]

Slowly but surely, Google's different apps are getting a dark mode to go with Android 10's system-wide setting. The latest app to receive this treatment is Google Play Books, which just got updated to v5.4.

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Brave Browser v1.4 adds dark mode and more [APK Download]

Dark mode is a big UI trend of late, with countless apps and even entire operating systems embracing the look. Privacy-focused browser Brave is the latest notable name to get in on the action in its new update, version 1.4.

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[Update: Rolling out again] The Play Store is finally getting a dark theme

Google has updated many of its apps with dark themes, with Gmail being the most recent entrant. It looks like the Play Store is, at long last, receiving a dark theme of its own. Like Gmail and other Google apps, the Play Store's dark theme is a dark grey, and it looks pretty nice.

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Google Fi dark theme begins rolling out

Google Fi is joining the growing list of apps with a built-in dark theme. We saw hints that this theme was being developed — starting with a data usage widget —back in April. Now, it seems that the full theme is finally ready for deployment.

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uTorrent updated with dark mode and bottom-tab navigation

One month after BitTorrent's update with a dark theme and bottom navigation, uTorrent is getting the same treatment on Android. The changes are live as part of version 6.1.4, which began rolling out a few days ago.

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[Update: Not just Android 10] Instagram is testing a dark UI mode for Android 10

Android 10 is finally here to save us from blindingly bright apps, but only a few apps have support for the new dark theme. Instagram might be one of them soon, though. Several tipsters say they've seen Instagram flip over to a dark mode in Android 10, but you probably won't have this feature on your device yet.

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