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Huawei tries passing off DSLR shots as Nova 3 camera samples, gets caught in the most amusing way imaginable

Huawei's not very good at honest advertising. Remember when it photoshopped the bezels out of its P8 and P8max marketing photos? Or when it used a $4,500 DSLR to take P9 "camera samples"? The company has gotten caught in yet another act of deception, this time in an impossibly hilarious manner thanks to a slip-up from an actress involved.

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[Update: Reviews all deleted] Huawei loads its Best Buy Mate 10 Pro listing with over 100 fake reviews, inevitably gets caught

Almost three months ago, we reviewed Huawei's Mate 10 Pro. We concluded that it'd be a good buy when it hit the US market, so long as it wasn't priced at $1000. Well, Huawei hasn't made that mistake (the phone is currently $799.99 with a $150 gift card at Best Buy), but it isn't doing itself any favors today. The company has overloaded the Mate 10 Pro's Best Buy listing with over 100 fake reviews from aspiring "beta testers," giving the phone - one still in the pre-order phase, mind you - a 4.9-star overall rating.

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