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Sprint announces its first six Massive MIMO 5G markets, rollout starting in April

As MWC begins to wind down, one of the key talking points has been 5G (much like CES). For us in the United States, the competition and race between the carriers will feel a little familiar. AT&T and T-Mobile have already announced their 5G plans, and Sprint is getting in on the action, too.

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Dallas becomes the next city that may get Google Fiber

Google Fiber is high-speed internet the likes of which most of us can only dream of. For a handful of states, Google's effort to get people online faster is already a reality. Roughly six metros are set to get the experience at some point in the future. Another dozen are being considered, and today Google has announced Dallas as the latest city to make that list.

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US Mobile Passport Now Supported At Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, The Third-Busiest In The World

As far as US airports go, Dallas-Fort Worth isn't terrible. DFW is enormous, the third-busiest on the planet in terms of aircraft movements (behind O'Hare in Chicago and Hartsfield in Atlanta), largely due to being the central hub of American Airlines and an ideal mid-continental stopover for the United States and North America as a whole. Considering all of that, it's not all that bad... assuming you can get through the maze of city-wide construction in Fort Worth and actually make it to the damned place. Today getting out of the airport will be a little easier if you're using the US Customs and Border Patrol's Mobile Passport app.

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Sprint's LTE Network Is Discoverable And Active In Most Of Its Initial Launch Markets Right Now

Sure, Sprint may be considerably behind the big dogs in the whole LTE rollout thing, but hey, they've already started selling devices with LTE support. Might as well light it up, right? Well, if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or Kansas City markets, and you own a Sprint LTE phone, you might be surprised to find that you have LTE access now.

According to Sprint 4G Rollout Updates, which has a pretty good track record, users have been reporting that their devices are discovering LTE networks in their areas. Sprint hasn't announced anything official, but hey, if you can start a speed test on Sprint and actually finish it, you must have 4G access.

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Sprint Is Finally Ready To Launch Its LTE Network On July 15th In Select Cities

I bet those of you who bought an LTE phone from Sprint had already forgotten about the high speed powers the nation's third-largest carrier promised you. No? You've actually been foaming at the mouth, eagerly waiting to sink your teeth into the new network? Ah, well, if you live in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, or San Antonio, then I've got some good news for you! Once July 15th hits, you can stop drooling! Or seek medical attention.

Sprint has just announced that on July 15th, the company will light up its LTE network in the aforementioned five cities, with more LTE markets to be launched by the end of 2012.

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