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LG V20 to feature 32-bit Quad DAC by ESS

LG has just announced that its upcoming V20 (of which renders have just leaked) will feature a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. For anyone that appreciates sound quality, this is great news. Last year, LG wowed audiophiles with the ESS SABRE 9018 DAC and 9602 Headphone Amplifier it put into the V10. However, audio quality suffered on the G5. It sure didn't help that the Bang & Olufsen "Friends" module pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth.

The company's press release describes a Quad DAC as something that delivers concert-like audio. LG claims that this DAC is better than normal ones in that it can reduce up to 50% of ambient noise levels.

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Beats Me: Why HTC's "Amazing Sound" On The International One X Isn't Amazing At All - Even By The Numbers

HTC's marketing of Beats Audio on its One Series handsets has rapidly become a joke among critics and internet commentators alike. And that's probably putting it nicely. The fact that the entirety of the Beats "enhancements" found on aforementioned phones has been zipped up and packaged to flash on any Android 2.3+ handset has, at least in the collective minds of the internet, exposed the Beats partnership for what it is: equalization software and a fancy logo.


I've used all of HTC's One Series products aside from the One V; that is to say, the One X, XL (AT&T One X), and S.

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