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Fictional or not, Duolingo adds High Valyrian and Klingon to its Android app... and Czech too

Duolingo has updated its Android app to add three new languages: Czech, Klingon, and High Valyrian. All three were already supported on the web version of the service: High Valyrian launched in July of 2017, Czech eight months ago, and Klingon only this past March. But now they're accessible on mobile as well.

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Google Text-to-speech 3.11.12 improves voices and adds support for Ukrainian, Czech, Bangla, Khmer, more [APK Download]

Google TTS was updated to version 3.11 a few days ago, but the changelog was just posted after a minor bump to 3.11.12. It turns out that this one brings support for several new languages including Ukrainian, Czech, Bangla (native to India and Bangladesh), Khmer (aka Cambodian), Nepali, and Sinhala (native to Sri Lanka).

There are also improvements to voices as well as a new option to disable number processing so that numbers can be read as they are. You might want to flip that toggle if the numbers were being read in a way that confuses you. 

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