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[New App] ProtoGeo Brings Moves To Android, A Popular Activity-Tracking App That Keeps It Simple

There's a reason Moves has attracted millions of downloads on iOS. It doesn't require the purchase of a separate device, instead turning the smartphone that's already in your pocket into a pedometer. This isn't unheard of on Android, but Moves is available for free and isn't weighed down by ads. ProtoGeo wants Moves to be an app that mainstream people actually use, and that means keeping it clean, simple, and non-intrusive.

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Runtastic Releases A Pair Of Cycling Apps For Road And Mountain Bikers

When it comes to cardio, some people like to run. For those people, Runtastic is a great app. Now, however, Runtastic is expanding its reach with a pair of apps designed for two other specific niches: road and mountain bikers.

Each app is designed specifically with its target audience in mind, offering metrics that each type of rider will find beneficial. Here's a look at what each respective app offers:

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Google My Tracks Updated, Brings New Record Interface, Updated Widget, And Pause/Resume Functionality

My Tracks is one of my favorite apps. I use it took keep track of distance traveled while cycling, and then upload my route to Maps and the data to Google Drive. This way, I can reference back and check my progress whenever I want.

Today, Google updated My Tracks to include one function that I've longed for since I starting using the app: the ability to pause and resume recording.

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