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Cyanogen Launches A New MOD Platform For Deeper Integration Of Apps In Android — Not To Be Confused With The CyanogenMod Custom ROM

Part of me can't help but wonder whether Cyanogen Inc. still lives under the shadow of its forefather, CyanogenMod, especially when announcements like these are made and the company introduces an eerily named "Cyanogen MOD" platform that has nothing to do with the custom ROM every enterprising Android user has known for years.

Instead, MOD is the incarnation of what we've been hearing from Cyanogen for a while now: a platform that opens up Cyanogen OS' Android framework further than any other, allowing deeper integration of apps and services into areas of the software that have otherwise been off-bounds for a long time.

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OpenDESIGN Aims To Bring All The Best Features From Manufacturer Skins To CM9-Compatible Devices

One of the biggest downfalls of major third-party ROMs is that often they miss out on features added by manufacturers. OpenDESIGN is an attempt to rectify this problem, spearheaded by XpLoDWilD of TeamHacksung, a subgroup of the CyanogenMod team. Ultimately, the goal is to rebuild popular and useful manufacturer features and build them into CM9 for all to be able to use.

2012-05-10 19h39_04

The site's FAQ says that these features will be "written from the ground up and will be opensourced early on." This should be extremely helpful for the community as a whole. From features like stop watches to S Pen functionality, the biggest reason to continue using a manufacturer skin instead of an AOSP-based ROM is extra features added by the manufacturer.

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[Updated x2: LG Thrill] CyanogenMod Team Brings Nightlies To A Handful Of LG Devices, Adds Official CM7 Support For Samsung Epic 4G

The minds behind CyanogenMod have done it again, bringing nightly updates to several LG Optimus variants, and adding official CM7 support for the Epic 4G (not to be confused with Sprint's Galaxy SII variant).

Among the newly-supported LG devices are the Optimus 3D (p920), Hub (e510), Pro (c660), and Black (p970) (which is technically seeing the return of nightlies). It may be worth noting that the Optimus Hub and Pro both received RomManager support tonight, making it excessively simple to get CM goodness on the devices.

Update #1: The Epic 4G (epicmtd) nightly just showed up as well.

Update #2 1/2/12: LG Thrill (p925) appeared today.

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Editorial: Android Custom ROM Developers, I Think We Need To Have A Talk

Dear Android Custom ROM developers: I love most of you. Really. You're part of what makes Android so awesome, because you're so enthusiastic about it, and about making it better. Because of you, we have awesome things like CyanogenMod.

I want to give you some numbers. Let's just look at some popular Android devices:

  • T-Mobile Galaxy S II: 9
  • AT&T Galaxy S II: 8
  • HTC ThunderBolt: 23
  • Epic 4G Touch: 10

What do these figures represent? The number of different custom ROMs found on the first page of the XDA forums for the above devices. The ThunderBolt's count comes from the pinned post on the ThunderBolt's forum with a listing of ROMs - and those are only the Gingerbread ones.

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T-Mobile HTC G2, Meet CyanogenMod: Video Of CM6.1 Booting On Cyanogen's G2

Today, in the wee hours of the morning, Cyanogen tweeted what many people have been waiting for: video footage of CM6.1 up and running on his T-Mobile G2.


His explanation for how things work:

Basically what I'm doing is temprooting and rebooting all of userspace with CM on the sdcard. Gonna keep refining it while the really persistent and smart guys from #g2root keep working on a permanent root.

And there you have it. We wouldn't expect to see a release until a permaroot is established, but it looks like things are definitely moving along nicely. Video:

[Source: AndroidSPIN, Cyanogen Twitter]

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