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Tip: Amazon's chat bot is actually surprisingly decent at handling returns and refunds

Buying stuff online is easy, but getting support when things go wrong can be much harder. Walking into a store where you can drop off an item face-to-face and explain why it needs to be returned is a relatively simple process compared to wading through phone menus to speak to someone, or twiddling your thumbs as an underpaid support representative juggles twenty chats at once. But, if you haven't used it yet, Amazon's automated support chatbot is pretty great.

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Google's terrible customer support could improve with plans to add almost 4,000 new agents in-house

While Google is great at a lot of things — artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud services — it is royally terrible in the customer service department. After years of pain and suffering, the company may finally be ready to tackle this problem head-on. Following up on a pilot program that started back in 2018, Google is greatly expanding its effort to improve customer support by hiring thousands of its own representatives to answer calls and troubleshoot product issues.

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Google Fi's customer service is a complete disaster - and the proof is piling up

Google Fi's customer service problems are numerous and well-documented. The carrier has been accused of billing customers for using Wi-Fi, blacklisting IMEIs, locking customers out of their Google accounts, and charging them the full price after promotions (causing plenty of overdraft fees in the process). At this point, Fi is more associated with bottom-barrel customer service than the aggressive, on-demand pricing it was once known for. Today we have another horror story involving a two-month-long runaround and $70 in upgrade fees for a phone the company admits was never delivered.

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