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TWRP Is Now Available For The Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge (Exynos Versions)

One of the benefits of buying into popular flagships is that all the odds of community support are in your favor. Provided that the manufacturer wasn't being a colossal pain, you shouldn't have to wait long to see some enterprising developers and modders provide a root method, a custom recovery, a bootloader unlock, and more custom ROMs than you dare imagine.

That's the case with the latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The devices have been "officially" on sale for less than a week and yet here is Team Win ready with its TWRP custom recovery for the Exynos version (the international variant) of the phone.

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TWRP Is Now Available For The Nextbit Robin

If you were a diligent Android Police reader over the past 24 hours, you must have noticed that somewhere along the deluge of Android N news and coverage, Ryan managed to sneak in his review of the Nextbit Robin. In it, he praised the phone's design, front-facing speakers, and mostly stock Android 6.0 software, but found little usefulness to the Robin's highlight feature: Smart Storage and its cloud backup support for freeing up space on the internal storage.

If you got a Robin and would prefer to flash a custom ROM on it or experiment with different features, there's only one way you can do that and it's by flashing a custom recovery.

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The ZenFone 2 Laser Now Has Official TWRP Recovery Support

The ZenFone 2 series has gained no small amount of acclaim since its introduction thanks to good specs and low prices, and the Laser variant with its laser auto-focus module is the one to get if you want a better camera experience. Low prices and good hardware are the sea in which the Android modder swims, so naturally the Team Win Recovery Project has supported the line well. Now they've released an official version of their custom recovery for the ZenFone 2 Laser. You can download it now from the TWRP website.

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TWRP Custom Recovery Now Available On The OnePlus X And The Honor 5X

The OnePlus X and the Honor Huawei 5X have a lot in common: relatively low prices, slick case designs, and far-reaching marketing campaigns. And now both of them can be loaded with the fan-favorite Team Win Recovery Project, a custom Android recovery that makes loading custom ROMs and other modifications easy. Users can download the recovery images at the official TWRP site, here and here.

The Android community (or at least that part of it that uses custom recoveries) tends to gravitate around certain models, if only because there are so many these days that it's impossible to support every one with every ROM.

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Official TWRP Support Arrives For The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet


[Update: Nexus 5X Build Too] Team Win Recovery Project Now Supports Encryption On The Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X Coming Soon

The tireless developers at Team Win released their custom Android recovery for the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X last week, but at the time it didn't support decryption. This makes working with the stock software (which Google encrypts by default, gleefully thumbing their noses at the NSA and FBI in a show of customer protection) somewhat tricky. But ROM flashers and phone modders can now use the latest version of TWRP on the Nexus 6P with the encrypted stock software, or any other ROM that uses the feature. The latest version is

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TWRP Is Available For The Nexus 5X, But Decrypting Data Isn't Supported Yet

If you plan to slap a custom ROM of some sort on your phone, you'll need a custom recovery. TWRP is the go-to recovery for a ton of devices, but sometimes you have to wait for official support. Not so with the new Nexus. The Nexus 5X just started shipping earlier this week, but already there's official TWRP support for the device.

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Official Team Win Recovery Project Build Now Available For The OnePlus 2

Say what you will about the OnePlus 2 (and we certainly have), it's perhaps the most likely phone released this year to be modified by end users, with the possible exception of the new Nexus devices. So it's a good thing that all those tinkerers and ROM flashers now have a reliable way of applying updates and making backups. Team Win Recovery Project, better known as TWRP, is now available in a OnePlus 2 flavor. It's version 2.8.7, the latest stable release.

At this point the TWRP custom recovery is probably the most popular among the many recovery options available across a wide variety of Android devices.

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[Update: Sprint Version Available] Team Win Recovery Project Adds Official Support For The GSM Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung might be giving lip service to the new Note 5, but it's clear that the company (and a considerable portion of buyers) sees the more swanky Galaxy S6 Edge+ as the flagship device. Now those who've paid the premium for the curvy phone can use the most popular custom recovery out there: Team Win Recovery Project. The developers have posted an official build of TWRP for the GS6E+ to the website.

The website lists this recovery for the GSM version of the phone, so presumably it will work with the standard international version and GSM carrier variants that don't lock down the bootloader (so...

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Team Win Recovery Project Now Available For The Original ADT-1 Android TV Box

There are only a few people who have the original ADT-1 Android TV device - those who attended Google I/O 2014, or those who got lucky on eBay and bought one of them from attendees. That being said, the owners of the Tegra-powered set-top box are probably among the most dedicated of Android fans, being either developers willing to travel to Google's extremely limited and expensive conference or regular users willing to spend a ton of money on the aftermarket for a pre-release device.

Those people now have an easier method of flashing custom ROMs and other modifications to the ADT-1.

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