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Sony Improves Low-Light Functionality Of The CMOS Sensor By Bending It

Sony announced at the Symposium on VLSI Technology that it is trying to improve the functionality and light capture of CMOS sensors by bending them, using - get ready - a proprietary "bending machine." So far, their efforts sound successful. The manufacturer has created a pair of curved CMOS sensors, one sized for cameras (43mm) and one for mobile devices (11mm), that they say have improved sensitivity 1.4x at the center of the sensor, and 2x at the edges.

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The LG G Flex Will Start Rolling Out To More Than 20 European Countries Next Month

LG's curvalicious smartphone made the jump straight from Asia to North America, but now it's going to cover some of the ground in between. Starting next month, the G Flex will start arriving in Europe. It is expected to be on sale in more than 20 nations in short order.


The main selling point of this device is, of course, the 6-inch curved P-OLED screen. It's only 720p, but the rest of the specs are top-of-the-line.

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LG G Flex Is Official In Korea – 6-Inch 720p OLED Screen, Snapdragon 800, And Self-Repairing Back Panel

It's been rumored, it's been leaked, and now it's official – the LG G Flex is coming to South Korean carriers next month. The rest of the world? Maybe never. The G Flex is very much the phone that's been popping up online, with the top-to-bottom banana curve and big 6-inch OLED screen. There's a bit more detail about the inside post-announcement, though.


The G Flex weighs in at 177g, which isn't bad for a 6-inch screen.

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Press Renders Of LG G Flex Leak Showing 6-Inch Curved Display

Samsung made its rumored curved display smartphone official last week – it curves sideways and it's called the Galaxy Round. However, Samsung's South Korean smartphone competitor LG is supposed to be prepping a curved phone as well. Some newly leaked press renders show what is apparently the LG G Flex in all its shapely glory. As expected, it curves the opposite way and curves a lot. 


Like Samsung's phone, the G Flex is expected to have a curved AMOLED screen rather than just curved glass like past devices.

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Whatchu Taco About: Alleged Leak Of Samsung's Curved Phone Shows S4 Aesthetics, Tortilla Sensibilities [Update: Another Pic And More Info]

Noted leaker and poster of pictures @evleaks just released an image that appears to show an unannounced Samsung Galaxy phone with a curved AMOLED screen. Past devices with curved glass, like the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, have had curves running from top to bottom. Not this one, though. Samsung's next device may sport a left to right curve, which makes it look kind of like a soggy taco shell.


The last round of vague hints from Samsung had this device pegged for an October release in South Korea, but nothing beyond that.

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WSJ: LG Will Launch Smartphone With A Curved Screen In November

LG and Samsung are long-time competitors in the South Korean electronics market, and the two are reportedly racing to release a curved-screen smartphone. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that LG's curved phone is set for a November release and it will be called the G Flex. Other sources claim the device will be dubbed the LG Z.


The device is said to have a 6-inch screen with a concave curve that runs vertically (like the old Contour Glass screens on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus).

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Amazing Android Phone Concept With 3 Flexible AMOLED Screens Blends Reality With Fantasy [Video]

I have a soft spot for well done demoes, even if they exist only in concept form, and today's design by Kristian Ulrich Larsen fits right into this category (did you really expect anything else from a designer with such an awesome name?).

If you liked Mozilla's Seabird concept, you're going to love the Flip Phone, which features 3 flexible, curved AMOLED screens connected by "soft steel mesh hinges," which allow this device to morph into multiple configurations, each offering something different to its user.

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