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Android 11 makes 'waterfall' curved-edge screens less frustrating to use

Smartphone makers have decided that curving displays to wrap around the edges of phones is a good idea, even though the design choice leads to distorted images and more accidental taps. Much like notches and other intrusive design elements, it has taken a while for Android to work well with curved/waterfall screens, and now Android 11 is introducing proper support for them.

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Vivo NEX 3 5G revealed with 'waterfall' screen and buttonless design

Vivo's new NEX 3 series is now official. While it doesn't come with the crazy 120W charging previously expected, it does go for a buttonless design and "waterfall" curved display with no notch or bezel. What we presume to be the flagship of the series also gets 5G support.

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LG Announces New Mid-Range K7 And K10 Android Phones, Successors To The L Series, Before CES

Android news tends to focus on the flagship phones from the largest companies, if only because they inform the direction of phone design for the following year or so. But it's important to remember that giant corporations like LG release dozens of new models in the same timeframe. The first two LG phones announced for 2016 are the K7 and K10, both being revealed before the enormous Consumer Electronics Show (which doesn't technically begin until Wednesday).

Both phones are quite few steps down from flagships, but noticeably above the entry level, much like the older L series that they're based on.

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Three UK Shows Off The LG Spirit 4G, Bringing The Company's Curved Design To The Mid-Range Segment

Love it or hate it, the original LG G Flex sure did create some buzz. The second version of the phone appears to be an improvement in just about every way, but LG doesn't seem to be content with flagship-style offerings. Three UK just announced that it will carry the LG Spirit 4G starting in June. This decidedly mid-range device also has a curved screen, and... well, that's about the only interesting thing aside from Lollipop software at launch.

Before you get too excited, Three's promotional video (the sole source of information on the phone so far) doesn't mention flexibility at all, so this phone probably won't bend or heal like the G Flex series.

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AT&T LG G Flex Pre-Orders Will Be Available Online And In Stores January 24th For $299.99 With A Two-Year Agreement

Last week Sprint was proud to announce that it was the first carrier in the US that would let consumers pre-order the LG G Flex. All the company wanted was a $299.99 down payment and a two-year contract. Now AT&T is jumping in by delivering the same handset at the same price, though its customers also have the option to pay $26.74 for eighteen months or $34.75 for twelve with an AT&T Next plan. The carrier will begin offering pre-orders online and in stores on January 24th, with the actual availability date yet to be announced.

The G Flex is a unique phone, sure.

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LG's Curved G Flex Smartphone Appears In More Detailed Photos And A Hands-On Video [Poll]

We've all long known that curved smartphones were coming, it was just a matter of when. Yet once Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Round, the hot dog shaped device still managed to catch us off guard. Quite frankly, the handset from Samsung's South Korean competitor, the LG G Flex, which is curved from top-to-bottom (rather than left-to-right) looks more like what we had in mind when we thought of curved screens. The first set of images we shared were credible, but they didn't reveal much. Now Argentinian broadcaster Telefe has thrown up a hands-on video of the device, and journalist Federico Ini has shared with the Verge far more detailed photos of the device.

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