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JDI announces 'Full Active Flex' bendable plastic LCD displays

We've seen flexible displays tech pop up at trade shows for years, but it doesn't really show up in products you can buy. The closest we've gotten are the curved AMOLED displays from Samsung. Now, JDI (that's Japan Display Inc) has announced a new LCD display tech that is flexible and resistant to cracking. You can't buy anything with this display yet, but maybe down the road.

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The LG G Flex 2 Is Now Available From Sprint For $199.99 With Contract Or $21 Per Month


Image Of Samsung Note Edge With Curved Screen And Note 4 Leaked Ahead Of IFA Unveiling

There's nothing like spoiling a surprise just hours before it becomes official, we're sorry. (Not really.) Samsung is set to announce its latest addition to the Note series of phones later today at IFA in Berlin. As we've seen many times in the past, secrets rarely wait to be told, and an image of the brand new handset has already made its way out into the world. But the image reveals a special treat: Samsung is having twins! As we can see from the promotional graphic, a pair of flagships will be appearing at the announcement today. The first, as we already expected, is the Galaxy Note 4.

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AT&T LG G Flex Pre-Orders Will Be Available Online And In Stores January 24th For $299.99 With A Two-Year Agreement

Last week Sprint was proud to announce that it was the first carrier in the US that would let consumers pre-order the LG G Flex. All the company wanted was a $299.99 down payment and a two-year contract. Now AT&T is jumping in by delivering the same handset at the same price, though its customers also have the option to pay $26.74 for eighteen months or $34.75 for twelve with an AT&T Next plan. The carrier will begin offering pre-orders online and in stores on January 24th, with the actual availability date yet to be announced.

The G Flex is a unique phone, sure.

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LG's Curved G Flex Smartphone Appears In More Detailed Photos And A Hands-On Video [Poll]

We've all long known that curved smartphones were coming, it was just a matter of when. Yet once Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Round, the hot dog shaped device still managed to catch us off guard. Quite frankly, the handset from Samsung's South Korean competitor, the LG G Flex, which is curved from top-to-bottom (rather than left-to-right) looks more like what we had in mind when we thought of curved screens. The first set of images we shared were credible, but they didn't reveal much. Now Argentinian broadcaster Telefe has thrown up a hands-on video of the device, and journalist Federico Ini has shared with the Verge far more detailed photos of the device.

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Samsung Will Introduce A Smartphone With A Curved Display In South Korea This October

Manufacturers are continuously pushing out improvements to their latest products, but many of the new selling points require a minor in mathematics to keep up with. Should you get the phone that's four times faster than last year's offering, or merely two? Is a 1080p display really necessary on a 5-inch screen? Well, Samsung's planning to roll out an innovation that even non-enthusiasts will be able to pick up on. The electronics giant will launch a phone with a curved display in South Korea sometime next month, and we can reasonably expect them price it lower than their $9,000 curved OLED TVs.

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