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Currents is the new Google+ for enterprise with a few tweaks

You probably thought that you'd heard the last of Google+ when the consumer version was shut down last week, but Google just announced at its Cloud Next event that the enterprise offering is being renamed "Google Currents." It's positioned as a new product, but we all know that it's just G+ with some minor changes.

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Google Currents Is Officially Dead With Latest Update, Transitions Users To Play Newsstand And Disappears For Good

We've known the day was coming for a while. The Currents app has finally hit the end of the road. An update to version 2.3 is rolling out through the Play Store that officially closes up shop and points users in the direction of Google Play Newsstand. Subscriptions are automatically transferred over to Newsstand and the old Currents app disables itself after users tap through for the first time.

2014-02-19 18.35.002014-02-19 18.41.172014-02-19 18.36.12

The update to 2.3 is a lithe 860 KB, down from the 5.4 MB of the previous version. The app only serves one purpose: direct users to download Newsstand (if they don't already have it) and start it up.

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PSA: You Can Now Listen To The Android Police Podcast Feed In Google Currents, And It Rules

Yesterday, Google added support for audio playlists and media controls to Google Currents. We thought this sounded like a pretty neat feature, and, hey! We're on Google Currents! So why not put two and two together? Today we updated our Currents edition to include a feed of our audio podcast and it's actually kind of beautiful. Take a look:

2013-03-21 13.56.32 2013-03-21 13.56.44 2013-03-21 13.56.57

It was possible to add audio before, but it wasn't quite this nice. The feed works on both phones and tablets. Just open up the Android Police edition, tap the drop down that will initially say "Articles", tap on "Podcast" and boom!

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Google Currents Updated To Version 1.5.1, Now Features Improved UI, Enhanced Performance, And More

Google Currents has always been a pretty impressive app - arguably the best Android news aggregator around town. Especially praised has been its beautiful UI; however, that didn't stop Google from looking at what it had and making it even better.

shot_000011 shot_000012 shot_000015

Indeed, the app just hit version 1.5.1, and the UI has been updated to "Android standards." Notably, the top navigation bar now features "auto hide" and "touch-to-show" controls, and it includes the library/trending toggle that was previously located elsewhere. Additionally, Google has enhanced the app's performance and made the usual bug fixes.

If you have already have Currents, you can download the update from the Play Store now; if for some reason you don't have it installed yet, all the info you need is below.

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Google Currents App Gets Massive Update To 1.1.0, Goes International

Google Currents is probably the single best-looking Android app Google puts out, and since its initial release, it has also been so slow to sync that it's practically useless. But no longer - Currents has received its first major update, and rather than drag this thing out, I'll just present you with the changelog:

  • Sync speed - dramatic (7x) performance boost
  • Instant online sync - no need to press "sync". Just open an edition for latest content.
  • Offline reading - Choose favorite editions for offline images.
  • International - Currents now available worldwide (44 languages).
  • Translate - Translate complete editions to your preferred language (38 languages).
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Add The Android Police Edition On Google Currents Now!

A few weeks ago, Google released a cool new way to consume content on mobile devices called Currents. For those who are unaware, Currents takes your favorite websites and transforms them into digital magazines (granted that the site has its own Currents edition). Well, now you can keep up with everything going on here at AP on Currents.

SC20111228-155241 SC20111228-155301

Finding us on Currents is easy; there are two ways of going about it.

If you're already reading this on your mobile (and you have Currents installed) open this link in the stock browser. It will not work correctly if you attempt to open it with any other browser.

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Google Introduces 'Currents' - A New Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Sites On The Go

Mobile devices are one of the top ways we check news, watch videos, and interact with social networks. In short, it's how we consume content. Doing what it does best, Google has released a new app for Android phones and tablets to help us get the content we want even faster. It's called Currents (previously rumored as Propeller), and, simply put, it's incredible.

Basically, it takes your favorite websites and turns them into digital magazines. A whole slew of top sites are already involved in the project, including All Things D, Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, and PBS, just to name a few.

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