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YouTube Kids v3.40 prepares parental controls for specific channels and videos [APK Teardown]

After a tumult of controversies over inappropriate videos being served to children through the YouTube Kids app, it seems like things have settled down with the advent of curated collections, a feature that allows trusted organizations to create pre-selected groups of channels that are generally safe for consumption. With the big feature out of the way, YouTube is now working on adding granular controls so parents will have options to eliminate select channels or videos from otherwise trustworthy collections.

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Maps v9.23 Adopts Visually Distinct Navigation Notification, Automatically Downloads Offline Maps, And Much More [APK Teardown + Download]

Google is sending out all kinds of things today. First it was Nexus factory images, then an Android Auto update some users can actually care about, and now a pretty full bump to the Maps app. There are plenty of live features to look at in this one, but there is some teardown material, as well. There's no point in wasting words, let's get straight into it.

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Google Allegedly Negotiating Songza Acquisition, Probably To Improve Play Music Curation

For some reason, it seems that streaming music is the new hotness in the world of tech firm acquisitions. Today, the New York Post reports that Google is eyeing the acquisition of Songza.

Songza is a popular music curating and streaming service that, with five and a half million active users, is nothing to sneeze at. The Android app is currently in the 1 million - 5 million download range, with almost 60,000 ratings.

The service does a pretty great job of figuring out what music you want to hear, basing choices not just on your listening habits, but by the activity you're doing or how you're feeling.

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