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OnePlus announces new Ideas campaign to crowdsource the next big OxygenOS feature

Do you have a killer software idea that would be perfect for the next OnePlus device? The Chinese phone manufacturer has announced its new Ideas initiative that taps into the OnePlus community to uncover the next big OxygenOS feature. Through this program, members can submit their software ideas to a public wishlist, vote on their favorites, and help bring them to life.

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Google Crowdsource app gets gamified leaderboards and new 'Smart Camera' feature [APK Download]

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a fresh coat of paint for its 2016-era Crowdsource app, which lets volunteers like you and me help assemble data sets for Google products to improve their machine learning chops. Now a new update is rolling out to further gamify the process, bringing a leaderboard for different categories of submissions, plus a whole new "Smart Camera" feature for improving real-life object recognition.

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Google refreshes its Crowdsource app with new interface, icon, and undo feature [APK Download]

Google is constantly redesigning its apps, updating icons, and replacing grey spaces with white. Thus, there's always something new to check out, and that's the case for the company's Crowdsource app, which gives users the chance to help Google improve its products. It only recently got a visual overhaul in February to match the revision of Material Design, and Google continued to work on it. An update to version 1.2 is now hitting the Play Store that gives the application a new icon and improves its interface.

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Google Crowdsource app given Material refresh and wants your selfies [APK Download]


Google Maps v9.58 beta prepares to add crowdsourced Q&A sections and user-contributed videos [APK Teardown]

There's a new version of Google Maps making the rounds through the beta channel. So far, no major changes are showing up with regular usage of the app, but there is evidence of a couple really huge new features on the horizon. A teardown of the apk reveals that the Maps team is preparing to launch a Q&A section for places that would allow users to ask and answer questions for each other. Also on the schedule is the addition of video to the types of media users will be able to contribute. These are some pretty huge features, so let's get straight to it.

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ZTE cancels Kickstarter for Hawkeye crowdsourced phone

ZTE had an interesting idea a while back. What if consumers got to design a phone? I mean, there's no chance it would end up like The Homer, right? People made some unusual suggestions like eye-tracking technology and a case that sticks to things. ZTE's attempt to bring this phone to life as the Hawkeye have hit a snag. It's cancelling the Kickstarter campaign and going back to the drawing board.

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ZTE's Hawkeye, the crowdsourced phone, receives a full list of specs

It was only a few weeks ago that ZTE announced the name of its crowdsourced phone that the community selected: Hawkeye. At that time, we only knew a few specifications, such as screen size, resolution, and a few of the features. Today, the Chinese manufacturer has released a full list of specs for the device. Without further ado, let's take a look.

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ZTE announces the Blade V8 Pro, also officially names the crowdsourced phone

ZTE has made a couple of big announcements at CES today. On a more mundane note, the company is bringing its Blade series to the U.S. in the form of the Blade V8 Pro. This affordable device packs in some nice specs for an even nicer price point. The second more interesting announcement was that the Chinese manufacturer has decided on the official name of its unprecedented, completely crowdsourced phone. Formerly known under its project name of CSX, the community name selected was "Hawkeye."

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New Google Crowdsource app asks you to help with translation and text transcription a few seconds at a time

Do you have 5-10 seconds to spare? Google would like you to spend that time getting something done in its new Crowdsource app. You can apply your human sensibilities to translation and text transcription, and in return you get a sense of satisfaction. Yep, that's it.

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Google Maps makes crowdsourced Places edits, suggestions, and verifications official

Over the past couple of months, we've monitored several changes to the way crowdsourcing information is handled in Google Maps. Now all of these changes have been made official in a blog post on Google Lat Long's page, adding details about the different features' availability.

First, since May, editing and adding Places has been accessible worldwide. It's available on both the Android and iOS apps, as well as through Google Search. Whether you're viewing an existing listing that has outdated details or you've dropped a pin where there's nothing but you know a listing should exist, you can edit or add those to provide better information for others who might be looking for it.

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